White widow auto usmcjojo


Alright guys just started germination of these seeds cant wait to start this new grow.


Good luck I am still a couple of weeks out on my next start


Seeds were soaking 12 hours no crack so I changed the water and made it 80 degrees. Now they are cracking as soon as they all crack I will plant them. 6 will go in cups with starter soil and 1will go straight into a mix in a 5 gallon smart pot. The six seeds will be grown in hydro. I want to see what the difference is so I will be growing in soil and hydro.


Ok guys so @4play you should get a kick out of this I almost drank my seeds yesterday. So I had the seeds in a beer glass on my cable box to keep warm because we have a cold front. So I myself have drink in a beer cup. I go by the cable box to check my phone put my cup down and pick one up. Then I come back to bed and put the drink to my lips and I get the taste of water. Not the whiskey and sprite I was expecting. Lucky I did not drink any so i changed the water and took a deep breath lol.


Ok so with that out of the way the lady’s went to soil today 50/50 mix soil and perlite. With a 1.2 ml of bio root. Hopefully these baby’s look good.


Thats pretty funny stuff right there , i dont care who ya are lol.i usually put something on top of my cups in germ to keep the light out, maybe that that would keep ya from drinking them.


Sorry guys been real busy the girls are pushing for daylight I will update pics soon.


So far 3 of the 7 are in seedling stage and the rest with the exception of 1 have pushed from ground but haven’t shed the shell yet.


Up to 4 of 7 now


Just been misting lightly something I have noticed. The shell membrane seems to be getting stuck on the leaves and keeping them closed. I have had to take the tweezers to all the seedlings so far.


Ok guys don’t know much about t5 bulbs is this okay to do? Should I use all the same color bulbs? Never used these lights what distance should they be from plants? Here are the specs and pics.
T-5 distance is 20" from surface.

Going to throw this 300 into the mix as well.


This is my new hydro light setup for now

@ktreez420 @Hammer @yoshi @Givemefire @Hogmaster
What do you guys think any suggestions?


Ok guys how soon do I transplant from soil to the clay pellets? Is it the same size as transplanting to bigger pot in soil or should I do it sooner? @ktreez420 also what about first feeding do I do that with transplant or wait?


Looks great man @ktreez420 is going to be a big help I love the setup though very tight


Thanks bro I really appreciate it will post pics of the new editions tomorrow. Also if you have any input let me know going to be doing one auto in soil to see what I like better.


I think your transplanting is similar to soil except you have to wash your root system off of any soil medium , but it’s a matter of your decision . If you ready for them to move into they water home , then bring them there , but a good shower bath would be best so you don’t have dirt in the reservoir , and you can put a quarter strength of nutrients in there if they ready to start feeding , just make sure your PPM or E.C is in the right range for the plant stage , of course ph you know that and get them started .


Thanks @yoshi really over thinking this hydro grow.


@Usmcjojo, Just prior to transplant and after a very through rinsing of the roots soak in a solution of 2-3 teaspoons house hold peroxide for 5-10 mins . to kill the soil bacteria …it’s Not productive in hydro … next time i recommend rock wool for easer transition .Hammer .ps nice looking buds in the contest :grin:
Hammer .


It seems like you should be able to place your t5s closer since they don’t run hot.


But how close? Guess just have to watch the babies and see going to keep it at 15" with LEDs to see what happens and will adjust from there.