White widow auto trichs not maturing

I have a white widow auto from ilgm. It’s been goi g 4 months. Still waiting for trichs to amber. Suggestions from experienced people only please.


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What type of light are you using?

Is your plant foxtailing?

It’s a common problem and will never appear done.

Are there any little “towers” of tiny buds, Growth made up of a series of bulges?


A pic would help alot. Aldo 4 months from seed pop or 4 months in flower. If from seeds sounds like it is close to being done. Ive had 2 w.w. go for 11 and 12 weeks in flower and then 30 to 35 days was in veg. Depending on the light id say u have to be super close. The last 2 weeks are the most important of it all as thats when the buds fatten up for the last time. Try and take a smaller bud off the bottom of the pla t cut it right in half and check the trics in the center of the bud. If u see milky there its good to.go unless u want more couch lock high then wait out some amber. From my understanfing when a tric turns amber it is degraded thc tho. Now most of the amber will be on the outer bud but not the centers. Having some amber on the outside assures u have quite a bit of milky on the inside.


Yea let me get a photo for you.


I pull my plants early. But my Blue Dream in my mason jars the THC is breaking down and all I can see now is amber all over the place. Its no longer an energetic high since BD is. Sativa dominant plant. Some bowls she hits like a freight train and other bowls its mild.

I made a bowl last week that just 1 puff had my head swimming .

It is a little hard to tell under the light, but it looks like foxtailing going on. It is probably done. Can you take a picture under normal lights?

When they foxtail the buds inside are usually past done, the ones with white pistils will never finish. When trimming don’t feel about about trimming off the errant buds. They tend to be on the loose side.

If you can’t get a picture under normal lights of the entire plant, before cutting the entire thing down cut off a branch and take a picture under normal light and repost.

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I think you can safely cut it down.

It’s easy to spot the foxtailing on the bud in the last photo

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It smells soooo good just an auto so buds aren’t super dense

Looks very nice! I’m in a similar position… flowering over 10 weeks, 14 total… because I chopped so early first grow, I may be over doing it…I look and the trichomes seen to stay clear while amber is appearing. It is hard to really tell.

You have done well. Best of luck with drying and curing!