White Widow Auto Trichome Pics

How much longer do you think i have til harvest? These are the best pics i can get.
they are on day 75 from seed coming out of the soil. White Widow Autos.

here is what they look like from further away.

All my buds on top look this way, it changes a little the further down the plant you go. Mostly cloudy, but i’ve yet to see any amber or red trichomes. I want the couch lock. I did alot of LST on this plant.

You plant looks awesome. It’s got a bit to go. If you have further magnification, like a jeweler’s loupe ($10 on Amazon) you can dial in and see the trichomes. You want mostly cloudy trichomes with some amber trichomes, and very few clear trichomes.

I grew WWA my first time around. They veg’d for four weeks before autoflowering and then I cut them down after 9 weeks of flowering. So you got 2-3 weeks to go, at least. They are going to be great. Keep a close eye out for bud rot.

Here is some real light pics. The little one is a WW also, im just experimenting with it to see what works best for me. The little flower next to it is just a top that broke off and i stuck it in the soil w some rooting solution just to see what happens :laughing:

It maybe just the photo, but in the bottom closeup pic there look to be some grey spots (can you tell yet I have budrotphobia). Gently peek in the bud to check for bud rot underneath. It starts on the inside and can be too late if not found and removed quickly

I didnt see anything, plus if it matters, I keep RH at 45-55% always unless i just watered. I worry about that too. Whats the main cause of Budrot?

I got my digital microscope in today, so i will be checking them out and posting pics that should be better.
Plus i got some Mendocino Avalanche Flower Hardener from a friend, when is the best time to use something like this? what week of flowering? any advise etc would be appreciated.
It says 0.15% P2O5 (Phosphate) and 0.05% Cu (Copper) and 0.001% Vitamin B-1 at 3-5 ml per gallon.

Im def seeing some amber trichomes, almost time.


@thekeith Nice pics! Were those taken with your new digital scope? What’s the brand name??

What kind of digital microscope do you have? I can’t see upclose easily. Would love something that takes great pictures like yours. So clear. Thanks :+1:
PS: plant looks amazing!

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Check Amazon, there’s several digital microscopes listed. Many of them are identical even though they are listed under different names. Just type USB Digital Microscope.