White Widow Auto! Topped one time

Three WW Autos I topped one time.


Please try to keep one thread about your plants. Making multiple topics about the same plant can get confusing for you and for us. Plus, if you ever need help then all the advice will be in one thread instead of scattered around. Thank you :metal:


All the plants flowering look like an excessive amount of nitrogen dark waxy looking leaves. See how the baby is a nice green and not waxy looking. Id do a good ph watering only with calmag if ro water or distilled and let the plant recoop from the nitro excess. Maybe wait to habe someone else chime in but im believing too much nitrogen and a w ater flush or 2 might get them to bulk up some for ya. Good luck


Don’t know why it keeps making more post instead of adding to the one. I’ll stop posting so it won’t happen any more.