White Widow Auto Still Veg After 7 Weeks?

I am a beginner grower and seem to have a mixed batch of White Widow Autos. Its the end of week 7 and there are a few plants that have airy popcorn buds and the others are still veg. All plants are healthy.

My question is…is this normal? I have heard autos should start buds at week 4 or 5 and be done at wrk 10 to 12. Whats with the popcorn bud and will they fill out in the next 6 weeks or so? When should I expect the veg plants to bud?

I have switched the light to 12-12 as i heard some autos get “stuck”. Any suggestions or comments are welcome.

Pics or it didn’t happen! I’m just kidding. Welcome to the forum, lots of knowledgeable people here that are more than willing to help! Pictures will help others help you

White Widow Auto
Hydroponic (NFT)
Maintain 6.3 to 6.5 PH
Fox Farm Nuts at 600 to 700 PPM
Lights- (4) Pilzon 600W LED and (2) King 1200W LED
Temp day/ night = 77/68
Humidity range 50% to 60%
Ventilation: AC Infinity T6 with humidity and temp control.
Have Heater, dehum., humidifier, incoming fresh air, fans. All on timers and inkbird controllers
Have CO2 supplementing the air in small quantities when light on.

The system seems to be working great and the plants are lush and green, So bushy I have to defoliate. I did have what I believe to be a fungus problem when they were young but I cleared it up with Hydrogen peroxide and then using Hydro Gard after full flush.

Looks like you re just starting flowering they gotta start somewhere but you may wanna increase light a bit but I have yet to have an auto start before week 6 and I fully expect them to be done by week 11 but I know some that go to week 14 hmm also you should be shooting for 1000-1200 ppm nutes this early in flower and aiming for 6.0-6.3 for phosphorous uptake in hydro if I’m not mistaken

They’re also pretty small ( probably due to high ph reducing nitrogen uptake)for their age and that’s a big factor too they have an inner clock based more on maturity then on a hard time schedule

Thanks for the feedback. If I add any more nutes above 650 PPM the plants hate it. I am at the highest I have ever been at 780 ppm and the plants wilted at first then recovered. I do see some more very green shiny leaves a few days after I raised the nutes. They have fully recovered and are growing fast. I do have some browning tips scattered about. looks like light burn or potassium minor issue. Thats why I raise the lights to about 24 inches. The picture is a bit stretched and it looks like the lights are far away.

Consider yourself lucky I had 2 that started pistil party at 21days and turned out very low yield

autos can be quite unpredictable on every level… 2 seeds from same pack and one may be 6 ft tall and take 10 weeks to finish while the other is 3 ft tall and take 6 weeks to finish out… yours look to be starting to flower and i would juice up the light power if possible …

I had a white widow auto take almost 3 months to begin to flower then another 3 for just a touch of amber

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OK, whew. I thought I had done something wrong.

I do have quite variety in my garden, small plant, large plants, bushy plants skinny plants. With that said, I was confused. Thanks for the reassurance that it’s not all me.

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