White Widow auto slow growth

A question rfom a fellow grower:

noticed that the growth on nine of the plants is real slow only one of them looks like it’s on the right growing schedule looks like it’s going to be 24 inches within 56 days the rest of them look very small I’m on our fourth week but they still look like it’s the first week.

growing conditions are pretty good it’s good soil plenty of water the temperatures have been upper 70s to the upper 80s cool mornings with a slight breeze pretty ideal for Southern California

A few of them look alittle hungry
What seeds are they ?
Do you add anything when watering ?

It’s genetic, that would be my take on it. I grow W W for 6 generation s and had the same result each. Came down to genetic s


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My WW autos took their time also and then flourished, stayed small height but Huge cola buds