White widow auto plants

hey guys.
according to ILGM description of ww autos, the plants get to a maximum size of 24 inches.
well i have two ww autos grown indoors and they are 40 inches tall and still got 4 weeks to grow.
how is this so?


I brought them outside today to a sunny Australian day so i could save on some electricity.
Otherwise, these plants receive 600 watts of glorious HPS light 24 hours a day.
I am kind of new to all this but I think i must be doing something right???lol.

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Im no expert and i have not grown autos but what i can tell you is, i would change the light cycle to 18/6 or even 12/12, it will save you some electric and also when does she get to rest?? She needs a resting period, imagine working out 24hrs a day with no rest? This is just my opinion :slight_smile:

By all acounts she is looking lovely tho, my thought on autos is they do what they want, when they want. Lol


maybe they need a rest but they are certainly looking like they enjoy all that light.
i reckon i will get 4 ounces from each plant

Most definately they do, another 4weeks and they will be stacking nicely! Could i ask for just a single cola pic please? I love pics :slight_smile: and wanna get upclose and personal with those pistils :heart_eyes:

and by the way…auto-flowering plants don’t need the darkness because they don’t use photosynthesis.

enjoy the pic of the centre cola

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All plants use photosyphotosynthesis


100% agree

auto-flowering plants do not rely on the light cycle like standard plants.

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so can anyone answer my original question about the height of white widow auto flowering plants???

Yes, you are right. They don’t need a dark period to flower. But, saying plants don’t use photosynthesis is like saying you don’t need food or water to live


Last couple wwa I grew, i top all my plants by the way, two grew over 4’ tall

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That’s one plant.


ok. fantastic!!!
my two plants are 40 inches high now with 4 weeks to go.
did you grow them indoors? What lights did you use?

I dont wanna sound like a big head but i think you will find that they do use photosynthesis as thats what helps them to grow…id defo recommend a dark period of some sort…put it this way, grown outdoors they have dark periods so why not inplicate that indoors? Weather they are autos or photos?

Again its just my opinion, maybe afew more experienced growers will chime in soon :wink:

My bad seems like you are already getting the experienced help :slight_smile:

Zoomed right in on that girl, she looks beautiful and you have so many calyxs just waiting to pop :heart_eyes: she will pay off kindly no doubt!

@HornHead one plant?? Holy moly :cold_sweat: what size tent is that?

lol…yeah I have been getting some feedback :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

auto-flowering plants originate in the northern hemisphere where they have 6 months of light/6 months of darkness.

Glad you liked the pics wildwest.
what are calyxs??? another word for buds? lol

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This forum is great for feedback and totally honest aswell, i try my best and help where i can but i am only on my 2nd indoor grow.

See learnt something new there :wink: i get autos are not prone to light like photos are but i just assume that with it being an outdoor plant it would benefit from the dark period also?

Most definately :wink: see those black circles, those are you calyxs, filled with goodness :heart_eyes:

I am set to watching, look forward to seeing them ripen :slight_smile:

i have had two nightmare years in a row regarding marijuana growing.
I NEED this crop lol

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