White Widow Auto Outdoor Coco & Blackberry Kush Fem Outdoor Coco

Aloha all so recently disabled on lots of meds and looking to ween off them into something more natural and also need a new hobby so picked up some seed from ILGM and trying something new :person_shrugging:t4: I used to grow with my dad way back in the high school days but all this stuff now is all new to me so hopefully I can get the hang of it

I did a float germination the White Widow took 40 hours to sprout a nice tail and was pleased in a 5gal pot 8/2/23 in coco (first time using this)

My BlackBerry Kush fem took 72 hours to sprout a nice tail and the right in to a 5gal pot 8/4/23 with coco

Both get alot of beautiful Hawaiian sun and wind using general hydro FloraMicro 1tsp per gallon as well as a molasses and seaweed extract mixture once a week I also mixed in some fish fertilizer with the coco mahalo to all that have been helping me with this since I got on this forum


Off to a great start Grow Bro :love_you_gesture:


Looking good! I just finished up my first grow, was WW auto as well. Havent tried it yet but a buddy of mine has and loves it!
Happy growin :call_me_hand:


Mahalo guys I was a bit worried at first that my widow was so small but from what I got so far that’s normal for them once they root in they take off and the last 2 days of nutrients she’s looking a lot better open to advice from anyone that can offer I don’t have any Ph equipment so not doing that but maybe on my next run I’ll try and get more technical and try and learn all that but this is my first time using the coco so still have some to learn I am going to do a gorila glue auto in fox farm soil and fabric pot soon but rite now focusing on these two girls :call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4:

Looking good hoaloha!

@Paliku i started my own thread thanks for offering your Kokua my braddah Aloha :call_me_hand:t4::call_me_hand:t4:

They are doing much better added some FloraMicro to their feeding as well as some Cal-Mag while they where seedlings now I got good fan leaves piping out and looking like they are going to be veging around the garden so flushed them this weekend and started giving them FloraGro today :call_me_hand:t4: mahalo for all the help guys and girls :+1:t4:

Looks nice, keep up the good work :muscle: Share the photo after a certain time

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