White Widow Auto LST & Topping

Well, I wouldn’t have topped it in flower. Can’t really do anything about it now.


Yeah when I topped it I didn’t realize it was starting flower

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I just thought I would shoot you a follow up photo from a few days ago. It is doing OK - nothing great. I think white widows are pretty indestructible.

I have this in the veg. space. I have it under a 125w blurple, also a 32 watt’r I use to start vegetables and flowers. I also have a KIND 48" flower bar that I picked up last year for $25 that is vertical about 12’ away. Just for kicks


I am a first time grower, and I wish I would have topped" my plant like shown by Beardless. I like the aggressive LST you have done also. I think for a 1 plant Grow which I am in that category as far as tent size is concerned this is a critical step.

I will definitely do the topping and LST as shown for grow 2/


I have a post here with pics on my grow so I don’t want to be posting pics on your thread.

I want to see visually how your grow progresses.


Beardless…what is the best “Dry” Weight you have pulled off of One Autoflower plant?

I am looking for a auto that historically grows Big and Proud.

I was thinking White Widow or Amnesia Haze from what I have seen posted on the boards.

I have harvested three grows. Here is the scoop:
#1 - White widow auto 4 plants total cured weight 366 grams, High 123 low 64
#2 also wwa (these were not grown in the tent - It was a bit of a cluster due to a germination error on my part and a scramble to get them under any kind of light) Total only 270 grams with consistent avg. weights.
#3 were 3 blueberry autos. Total weight 275 grams. High 103 and low was 85.
I hindsight, I had no clue what I was doing with the first wwa grow. I think one good point is they were watered with rain water I collect. It natually has a lower PH than my well water but do not know what it is because I wasn’t checking PH then. The other thing is I over fertilized them. Big Bloom (fox farm trio) the bottle for says for general feeding 4 tablespoons - so that is what I used. However, when using the published feeding schedule, it calls for either 6 or 3 teaspoons. I can only imagine what the PPM readings were. Of course I did not know. I now check PPM with every feeding.
Here they are on day forty. Nice and tidy in there scrog

Here they are 2 weeks later Again on day 63
Gotta have some bud pictures These are from the heaviest plant after drying and cut down on day 101


Not to be pessimistic, but I would get a few auto grows under your belt before trying to top one. They can get stunted from about any stress, don’t even look at them sideways. Lol

If you said you were going to grow a photo and wanted to do aggressive LST and top, I would say hell yeah bro! Just a heads up in case you care a lot about your yield.

Happy growing!

I put this plant into Lets see what happens category. I tried starting 5, only one took so started Amnesia Haze autos for the tent and will be finishing soon. And now have 5 Northern Lights photos vegging Northern Lights First Photo Grow.

(@VTGROW I forgot to tag you in my reply to you)

[quote=“Work4iT, post:20, topic:40785”]
I was thinking White Widow or Amnesia Haze from what I have seen posted on the boards.
[/quote] I currently have four AH autos in the tent. They truly are a mixed bag. Two are doing fairly well and the other 2 - not so much. This grow is why I had to do a better job adjusting PH and monitoring PPM.
Two of the better plants. The plant in img 36 was topped. The other one was not.

The other 2 - hard telling they are the same strain ![IMG_0002|690x460]
(upload://ejvHxsLSurwvwCF1yD1pj50UXEc.jpeg) ![IMG_0009|690x460]
I have chronicled my difficulties in a couple of threads.

The other 2 - hard telling they are the same strain


Beardless…what is your best success story (Strain) weight wise dried when growing autos?

Judging by your pics…Pruning does the flower well. Maybe it all comes down to how close you can keep your solutions in the sweet spot without burning them out or Starving them along with temps and humidity.

Nice Job :+1: on the Grow…

I missed the tag in my reply. The best weight was WWA. The best bud was Blueberry

Looks like the 2 to 4 Oz per plant rings true.

To me I am just looking for effect…Meaning to get stoned…I am smoking some weed to hold me over I can tell was bricked and compressed. It is buds, but I am finding some seeds in it…I am assuming the buds were some of Mexico’s finest (wink)…Can I assume those are photo plants that would not flower on their own without reverting to 12/12 light cycle?

I have no plan on attempting to grow those now…but maybe 5 or 6 grows down the line… Really hate to gamble on them with a one tent set up. I still have 20 or so IGLM auto seeds I will burn thru before I would even consider. Still debating on my next purchase from IGLM. I am sticking with the autos what ever I do for awhile…

@Work4iT your story rings true. Actually, that is how I got hooked growing. My wife threw some seeds she found, no idea how old they were, into our garden. A couple actually grew. I enjoyed watching them grow throughout the summer. They finally got to the point I could tell they were males. Let them go a little longer and chopped them down. One was about 9’ and the other 6’ We live in a secluded area and could safely get by with it. But, that got me looking for a tent etc. and found ILGM.
I assume yours is an outdoor grow and it is on nature’s cycle for hours of light / dark. And with that I assume you get some unwanted pollination. It gets thrown in because it adds to the weight.
The quality of home grown bud is highly dependent on quality lighting. My light is OK but I am in the process of adding another 50% watts. Currently 280 - 300 watts for 9 sq ft. and adding another 150 - 200 watts. I’ll have the extra juice for the photos

@Beardless @gardenguy

Here is a question that maybe you can or can’t answer, but maybe some body here can.

Me, IDKS, and am stoned 1/2 the time to boot.

// Can the Male Plant can’t get you high, or it does not produce buds or what?

I think I could Identify a male plant in its early stages but…

to a rookie grower a 6 and 9 ft Plant…Shxt, I would have to dry it and take a puff or boil it down…No?

I would throw the dice!

So now are these Mexican Pepsi Bricked Buds I am currently smoking, (They look nice-small) and I am getting stoned. They have some seeds, not like the Mex Oaxaca Back in the Day though…

Would the shit I am smoking now be Male or Herms because they have some seed?

I swear I am straight as a Arrow, but I do like the effect this is having on me.

I am starting to worry some. :rofl:

I can tell you there is much more that one seed but not alot, but it does put a buzz on me for sure.

Finally…Does a Auto every produce a seed? If they do and you smoke it what is the stoned effect?

Male - very low THC levels - so no
Could be herms - have no idea. or a random male harvested and in the mix. If the seeds are in a bud that otherwise looks normal then my guess it is herm.
Autos - I imagine so. But ILGM seeds are feminized.

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Ok so male plants do not produce buds and has very little thc . Early stages it can be difficult for a beginner to identify but once you switch to flower they literally get balls .the Mexican weed was probably planted in a big Field and there was a plant that hermied or a male they didn’t catch. If you get a nanner or two on your auto it could have a seed or two other than that you shouldn’t get any seeds


I have been growing White widow Autos for about 3 years. This is my first grow that is outgrown my little closet. I always FIM or top them (depending on my fingernails) when they have three sets of leaves. Then as soon as possible I start training them, pulling them down. They basically become bushes. Switched to Fox Farms and they went jungle. They are through the shelves and keep getting into the light. Today I had to redo my entire closet and trim fan leavesThe girl in the picture is just 4 weeks. The others will be 6 weeks.

I want to see if the yield is better.


It isn’t because you aren’t familiar with them. It is a common thread - some monsters out there. Are they in 5 gallon pots? Looks like you need another closet :elephant:. I had several well over 4’. I stopped measuring at 54". Then again, I have one now that is barely 18"

I topped her a little later than I should have. She is stout with some nice buds.


Looking Good, Brother!