White Widow Auto LST & Topping

I had terrible luck germinating 5 of my WWA seeds. Only one sprouted. After dropping it into soil it took another 5 days for it break through and form its cotyledon leaves. So, after giving me that much aggravation, I thought I would experiment with it. It is day 21 after breaking soil and forming it cotyledon leaves. It is vigorous with a fair amount inter node spacing so I think it is a good candidate for topping and LST. Here she is untouched

I topped her above the 5th node

This is what I am playing around with and curious about your thoughts. I’m not sure if it will work in the end or be more of a problem. For me, fabric pots are more cumbersome than plastic pots to tie to. So I cut down a small tomato cage to have something to tie to.
I tied it off opposite the 90’ bend.
Here is good picture of her stipules
I’ll use the lower ring to tie off her 2nd and 3rd node branches. From there, who knows what will happen.
Happy growing…


For the cloth pots a lot of us use binder clips. They’re cheap and effective. Just clip them to the pot and you can tie to them. I like your ingenuity. Looks like it’ll work for you.


Hard to zoom in the pics well, but it looks like there may be some pistils. If you’re already flowering I would thread lightly.


@BobbyDigital - oh yeah an accountants best friend. This is an amnesia haze I have going too

and of course they are also fisherman friendly. They are great for drying your catch of Blueberry Autos on fishing poles.
I paper punch holes in the sides, use huge paper clips but you are right. Binder clips work great and are versatile :nerd_face:


Here’s her top before cutting

Am I wrong in thinking she was preflower?

It’s an auto right? They don’t typically behave like photos, in that they will throw “preflowers” in veg and just keep vegging. In my experience once they start throwing pistils they are transitioning and on their way to flower.

I guess you never know though, we’ll have to see what happens.

Yeah she is an ILGM auto. I guess my terminology is wrong. I was thinking I caught her before full on flower. I was also thinking “no way at only 21 days”. I was going to top her a few days earlier but wanted to get the 5th set of branches going. Thanks for pointing it out. Learning…


No big deal, learning just like you said. Imo, if you want to get into topping and training photos are probably a better option. There are some that are successful doing so with autos, but not everyone. Photo plants will give you ability to veg longer if plant is stalled any from stress. Sometimes you’ll get an auto that will veg for a long time and it’s no big deal, but others 3-4 weeks is it.

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It has taken me a couple of auto grows before I felt I could tackle photos. I received my first order of ILGM photos in January. So for my first photo grow I have Northern Lights, AK-47 and Strawberry Kush to choose from. I currently have 4 Amnesia Haze autos in the tent now. They are mid week 8 so I imagine it will be the end of April before they finish. That puts me at starting the photos late March - first of April. (It keeps a retired fart busy). Do you have a recommendation as to which one to start with? You have been a lot of help.


I would go with the northern lights honestly. Nothing wrong with the other two, but nl kinda seems like old faithful.

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With how far apart those nodes are I would lower my light some


That sounds good to me. From what I have read on ILGM and elsewhere it is a great strain. If I may, can I touch base with you as I get closer to the start date and after looking into growing photos so I get off on the right foot.

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You bet, we’ll be around.

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Keen observation. I had to start her out with a couple taller plants and didn’t elevate her pot enough. She now has her own light set at 20"

Update @dbrn32 . She was topped and tied 3/3 (day 24). These are from today day 36

Two apical buds from topping

Only one dose of CaliMagic yesterday. Otherwise plain water.
Appear OK to your trained eye?

Well, I wouldn’t have topped it in flower. Can’t really do anything about it now.


Yeah when I topped it I didn’t realize it was starting flower

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I just thought I would shoot you a follow up photo from a few days ago. It is doing OK - nothing great. I think white widows are pretty indestructible.

I have this in the veg. space. I have it under a 125w blurple, also a 32 watt’r I use to start vegetables and flowers. I also have a KIND 48" flower bar that I picked up last year for $25 that is vertical about 12’ away. Just for kicks


I am a first time grower, and I wish I would have topped" my plant like shown by Beardless. I like the aggressive LST you have done also. I think for a 1 plant Grow which I am in that category as far as tent size is concerned this is a critical step.

I will definitely do the topping and LST as shown for grow 2/


I have a post here with pics on my grow so I don’t want to be posting pics on your thread.

I want to see visually how your grow progresses.


Beardless…what is the best “Dry” Weight you have pulled off of One Autoflower plant?

I am looking for a auto that historically grows Big and Proud.

I was thinking White Widow or Amnesia Haze from what I have seen posted on the boards.