White Widow Auto leaves are Splotched

Hello again. This is Gertie, she has been growing since January 30, 2021. She has been in flower stage for 26 days, almost 4 weeks. I am not seeing any trichomes at this point.
She is getting 2 quarts of water , pH 6.3, per day. Her nutrients are coming from the potting soil, Fox Farm Happy Frog. She gets CalMag twice a week.
Two days ago I noticed a very small yellow leaf fall off, next day I noticed some of the bottom fan leaves getting yellow with gray/brown splotches. Today the discoloring has spread further on the leaf. None of the upper leaves are doing this, so of course I am wondering if this is just part of flowering or could this be a problem?

What size pot are you in and by the pics you are just entering flower

Looks like physical damage to be honest. Sure nothing fell on her? I’d just remove that whole branch. Nothing else looks suspect. For further help.
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Also. That’s not a living soil no matter what you’ve been lead to beleive. You have to do something with it within the first two months. Be it adding salt nutrients or actual living soil with microbes. Or using teas to make it one. It does contain microbes like micco/myko. Just without some teas to awaken other parts of the ecosystem that makes a living soil work, it doesn’t/isn’t


2 gallon pot. Sorry that was not the most recent pic of her under the magnifying glass.

Hello if your using foxfarm which kind ocean or happy either way you should amend the soil with organic fertilizers. If your using salts use them half of the amount the bottle. Suggest but you need to go very light on the nitrogen/veg. Nutes and give more potassium and phosphorus/nutes during flower the yellow spots im sure is potassium def.i have a plant that look the same uoed my flowering nutes and now 100% better ill post a pic of my plant im taking about

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Heres my plant that i had to fix it was all over the plant to i figured out what the problem was i thought it was calcium but it wasent

Gosh no nothing fell on her. She is handled with great care. Noticed today all her stems have turned purple. She had two on the bottom that have always been purple. What kind of seed do I have? She has been very interesting to grow. She has not conformed to any of the normal rules

for growing a White Widow Autoflower.

She is hungry for potassium

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Thank You

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Welcome any time