White widow auto info?

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hi .jim here. this is my first grow, and I’m looking for some input on how long do Roberts white widow autos grow. everything seems to be going ok,so far so good. they are 53 days from sprout, miracle gro soil & perlite, 18/6 light cycle, cfl 100 watt daylights til day thirty, switched to soft white, started miracle gro bloom food. any tips? all are welcome. thanks.

Buy a 60-100x magnifier scope.loop, pocket magnifier, etc…

Check the trichomes. You want to see cloudy trichomes before you ever think of harvesting.

I am stoked! I am planning on growing these very soon. With my nice HID lamps; I can see that I will have a very decent yield.

Great job; Especially with just those few CFLs. Love it :smiley: