White widow (auto) - Indoor grow journal. First experiments. (Micro setup with LST)

BEANS:ILGM White Widow (Autoflowering)
Beans germinated at RootIT kits. Nothing else added to setup yet. All ideas are welcome! Feeding with only drinking water (pH: 7.1-7.7) atm.

Okay hello. This is my second start and I am working on some LST work. Journal starts at 23. day for now: after beans popped up.Because I have lost photos of the first 20 days. I will update later when I get photos from machine.

My little closet and the setup for who were asking.

-I just completed the second stage of Low Stress Training and just a little cropping-

Okay here it’s her [DAY-21]

Here you can see her after a little cropping and LST.

Bonding points

As you can see she has 7 tops at day 23 :slight_smile:

This is how I bond the rope for LST. You can adjust the pressure of rope easily with this knot.

Some LST Pictures [DAY 24]

Close-up shot[DAY 24]

Girl got bigger and moved the ropes next morning.Need some adjusting [DAY 25]

Going for more lst this day because my time is short [DAY 25]

Focusing on these little 4 flowers atm:

Another Close-up Shot [DAY 25]



So let me make sure I understand what’s going on here.

You intend on keeping her very small??? :confused:

I was hoping it was a micro grow lol. Small cabinet, pc case, or something close to that.

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Yep it’s a small cabinet micro growing. I am using 125w CFL. My worst problem is for most ppl I am using 1 gallon pot. I have thought changing to a bigger pot but my area is very small. So I am focusing on micro growing.


Do you have a picture of the growing room? I’m curious of what you made!

Okay I will put more pictures soon. It’s just a simple cabinet. I don’t have anything yet. There is another plan. So this is just more like an experiment for LST. I don’t use anything as chemical yet. But I think this girl needs N these days. You can tell after see the close ups maybe? Also planning few computer fans or something like that soon. Photos soon.

Pictures help a lot. Plus, we always like to see how different growing spaces come together.

As far as a pot goes, maybe think outside of the box with this one. Maybe you can repurpose a shorter wider container into a pot? I think in a lot of cases the roots will expand more outwards in that application. And with any luck, the plant growth will follow the root growth. That should save you height in the pot and on plant growth.

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I don’t know what plans you have for a new space, but @Donaldj is well versed in limited height grows. If you have any need for suggestions, he will be a good person for you to tag.

I have a son in law that did pretty much what you are doing…

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Think they already have the right idea train often and train early :wink:

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She’s gonna explode in the next 3 weeks!

Okay there is a long story behind. I am so strict about this training thing as it’s a school lesson for me right now or a job internship. I am checking upper bonds everyday. Because they want to go bigger and longer so need to set pressures of ropes again. (I will add how increase or decrease pressure of ropes with a simple smart knot). But in anycase I have started to LST at day 20. I could do it earlier.


I hope so. I got hope for her atleast.

I am thinking about why she is so small what is the reasons of this. My ideas:
1-)Smart pots gets air into the soil so the roots are staying small becuase of the oxygen. So first result:1 gallon plastic pot would yield more than 1 gallon smart pot. So the main reason is VERY SMALL POT.
2-)NO AIR BREEZE inside cabinet. Not even one system except opening the lid of closet.
3-)LACK OF NUTRIENTS. BIOBIZZ soil including nutrients for only 1 month…
4-)A little bit stressed because of TOO MUCH LST. It will recover in a week I guess.
5-)PH. Drinking waters pH is about 7.4. So everytime it gets watered soils pH is uprising.

What do you think? Since I am not planning too much yield and this is my learning phase do you wanna help to bend my learning curve with your intense knowledges? :slight_smile: (fyi: I would not change to a bigger pot yet because I dont have enough space and soil.)

As far as I know smart pots will not reduce plant growth compared to plastic pots. In fact, they will encourage more growth since the roots won’t get root bound. Personally I think he main reason she’s small is because she’s in a small pot but correct me if I’m wrong

Cool setup btw!

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Are you having fun? that is the key factor or is it stressful?
Bonsai training is supposed to be enjoyable and I stick by my initial assessment which was that you have a firm grasp of LST :wink: Though I think the suggestion of a wider low profile container wouldn’t hurt with your space constraints I likely would’ve let plant get 16" tall pinched trunk right near base then super cropped. Folding whole plant just below bottom node straight across space 2 points here it’s an auto so the stress would’ve triggered start of flower. Secondly the plant would be 12"-16" across and then all nodes would turn towards light and still be easily trained during stretch.
Lst forms micro fractures in plants xzyloem phloem material (stems thicken harden) become more resistant to bending and prone to break if bend points are used multiple times. Pinching softens and fractures core letting you fold then developing into a knuckle as it heals (these knuckles work like the plumbing manifold in top picture) equalize and distribute nutrients better. In this space I would suggest a 4"-6" tray the length and width of space more root volume, roots will grow sideways and roots equal fruits :wink:
Lst with an auto on a diet in small pot can be quite limiting for plants size most Auto’s start flower at first sign of stress which any nutrient def or root bound scenario is. By super cropping you choose when they flower


I lst’d the northern lights auto at about day 25 and the veg growth over the next week and a half was amazing. But, I didn’t have any space or height issues to worry about.


sorry, pics are in reverse order

And if you are curious why I got the tag I grew in a space 40" tall with 400w HID’s little over a year ago so had plants training within weeks of sprouting :wink: So yes I have plenty of practice with lst supercropping and just general plant abuse :stuck_out_tongue: here’s my recent mainline

she barely over 12" with pot included and yes it’s 5 gal pot :wink:


Omg I loved this bonding way. I will use it! So what I get from both of your answers; biggest problem is she is getting stressed and it makes her stay small right? Okay wider pot idea is awesome I know. But I don’t think I will continue at here. Because there are other plans like moving soon.

And absolutely Yes! I am having so much fun while working on it. I am still learning. I am amazed how durable this white widows are.

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