White Widow Auto (ILGM)


2nd grow and i might do some experimenting. Any info you want to add you can shoot it. I dont know everything and i wanna know more. ( will keep updated)


Alright so I am using 315W CMH in a 2x2x6 tent. (Really small but will make do)
My grow medium is DWC in a 5 gal bucke
More recent photo:

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Single plant under 315, should blow up pretty good if you can keep temps in check. You usually see them in larger space.


I had mine in the exact same size tent and had a problem controlling the heat so I had to move it to the closet with my LEDs are my CFLs I had no problem with the heat inside the tent


Yesss its sooo hard to keep this tent cool. I have it in this closet that has an a/c vent in it, so i shut all the other vents in the house and blast it! Haha @dbrn32


I have an exhaust with 2 other fans running arounf them so tha air is moving but not too much @mgolden1313 I always have to keep watching the plant all day in this set up


@JaysGrowRoom very nice.


I use LEC/CMH and they are far cooler than most HID’s depending on if they have Ballast attached or not?


I have the one where its not attached but how much bigger are they with the ballast on them? @Donaldj


@JaysGrowRoom thats such a great looking plant👍


There are a few tricks HID growers learn over the years and one is that anytime a ballast/heat source can be kept out of direct grow space you are that much further ahead :wink: It is less to do with the size and space it takes even digital they radiate heat mine are about 95f


Thanks! I appriciate it. I only have one so I can give all my attention to it as a beginner so when mistakes are made, cause there will be some, I can catch them quick! @soilman837


Yeah my last grow when I had it in the tent for an bit I had to keep a desk fan on it just to cool it down. @Donaldj


okay I just found your new post on the Forum so I can keep up with your grow not that I’m watching you just learning the seems like to be one of the best sites for real constructive criticism without judgement


I know I wish I would have sure top my green crack cuz I did it’s my rqs critical and it has two massive colas now


@mgolden1313 yeah I’m just here for knowledge and to share my love for growing these amazing plants! Its ah skill like playing ah sport. If you don’t listen to people that have been around you won’t ever know the tricks!


@mgolden1313 yeah I topped this when it was at 6 nodes, cleared all foliage below so all energy went to the new nodes then waited till each cola had the 4th node coming out then topped it and cleared the middle node of each side and that’s how I mainlined this plant


I know that’s right


Here’s an update: I changed my resivor it was 2 weeks old and i didnt get ah chance to set up the plant so i just kept it. I added some 1/2 tsp of cal mag., some photosynthetic bactiera (just to try it out) my Ph is at 6.0 I used the seedling levels on general hydroponics. I need ah ppm tester but that I feel like that can wait