White widow auto Help

Hello all
First time grower growing two white widow autos in coco. In a 2x2 tent with two meizhi 300 LEDs.
Things were going great but today notice some discoloration on some of the leaves of one of my girls and can’t figure out what it is. Any feedback would be appreciated

Definitely nutrient burn.

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Welcome to the site, what are ya feeding them. There’s a help ticket to fill out so the growers can get an idea of what is going into the ladies and environment. Any info helps and better pics without blurples on… your in coco so are are you feeding heavy, any idea of your ppm or pH??


I amended the Coco with a 70/30 ratio of Dr. Earth 444 and 394 and germinated in the Coco, it’s been a little over three weeks since then and they were doing great until recently. I PH my water to about 6.2-6.3 and last I measured the runoff it was a 6.8 I was wondering if it was a deficiency and if it was time to top dress the coco or if I over watered. Again thank you and I appreciate any advice.

To me it appears that that one leaf fell in the coco while you were watering. Also, your ph is too high. In coco, ph should be around 5.8

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That’s for your reply. I haven’t ordered any thing on line before it’s got me a little paranoid. And taking about it is just as bad. Don’t really have much choice though got to much money tide up in this auto adventure. Ok now . I read the section on auto but it didn’t tell me when it was safe to move them from clf to my bigger light. It did say to keep my light 27"off of them but not when it was safe to do so. Any advice?Really would appreciate it

U dont think potentially a P lockout? I remember some pics a week or so ago. Looks too uniform for nute burn. N not on any other leaves yet that far on one?

Also couldnt that 6.8 (way to high in coco) lockout P?

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Yeah after closely examining the plant I noticed it was starting to develop pistols and leaves on the lower canopy were getting lighter and realized she’s going into pre flower and craving more phosphorus. So I top dressed her at a 50/50 ratio and added some bat guano for a phosphorus boost, I’m also starting to water her at a 5.8 pH and she seems to have perked right back up. Thanks to everyone for the feedback


To me that looks like a leaf that got wet and you have a hungry plant.

You hopefully are using fruit bat guano for the P and not insect bat guano…