White Widow Auto harvest

So these two wwa from ILGM came down recently. One plant(table), one plant (hangers). Got about 1 1/2 oz from one. And the hanger plant is still drying but guessin about 3 or 4 oz Thanks for the advise ive got from this site. Still got one wwa thats on her own schedule. We will see.


When I put my Blue Dream into mason jars I had 6.57oz and just checked a few days ago and have 3.32oz.

Congrats one a successful harvest.


congrats farmer!

Was that from use or it just dried ?

Completely dried and cured. You lose 75 to 80% totlal weight with the evaporation.

Oh okay I thought your weight changed during curing . I’m completely dry now . Weight was 106 and has not changed since I put them in jars . Smoke is good just not packing that punch I was hoping for . Hopefully this cure will do it justice

You still lose some during curing. At least I have wvery time. :+1:

Good to know , I figured some but was not certain. Well I’m more then happy with the amount off my first official grow indoor . 106 grams . Wwa

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Still a nice amount.:+1:

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