White widow auto germination problem


Bought 10 got 10 free autos tried starting 4 seeds soaked seeds for 24 hrs then put in jiffy starter pods in starter doom under 1 t-5 light no nutes misted with 6.2 ph water to keep damp temp 80 to 85 . Waited 14 days no sprouts .Tryed 4 seeds at a time same way .2 plants started out of 20 seeds . Both are doing good .I don’t have a good guess why 18 seeds did nothing. All my seeds have came from ilgm .my first order was blueberry autos all 5 of them were started the same way . All 5 did very good . The 5 trainwreck fems I started 1 seed it did very good . Any help would be greatv


I soak, then germinate in paper towel. Once seed taproot shows I place about 1/4" deep in starting mix.

Plenty of people have luck doing exactly as you, so I’m not exactly sure why you would be having such a hard time. It’s very easy to provide too much water, even misting. Otherwise maybe try paper towel method.


Thank you I will try paper towel from now on. I may have supplied a little to much water.


You’re welcome. It does seem like water is one of the more common reasons for failure to germinate.