White widow auto frst time

Hello fellow growers!

First time growing and would like advice
4x4 tent
X2 1200 watt
X2 6 inch fans
4inch inline
3 and 5Gal fabric pots
FFOF w/Nutes (trio)
Daytime temp 81 w/ 50% H
Night time drops to 73 w/ 45% H

Using strictly ph water 6.5, no nutes as of now
Seed #1 popped out yesterday
Seed #2&3 planted yesterday. Hoping to have a good successful grow

Any advice would be greatly appreciated…

First off Welcome to The Forum lots of good people here I would start by lowering your lights down maybe 18in or so above the plants you don’t need much in the way of water for seedlings just lightly water them occasionally on the outer ring of the pots make the roots search for water don’t Spritz your seedlings with water while lights are on can burn them you’re using foxfarm soil in nutes then you shouldn’t have to do anything as far as feeding them for at least 3 or 4 weeks take some clear plastic cups and cut them in half and use the bottoms for domes put domes over your seedlings and when you water just Spritz the inside of the Dome.
Remember Autos are on their own time schedule what the breeder says for flower time 8-10 weeks whatever is not written in stone some will flour at 3 weeks some wait until eight or nine weeks it’s just how they want to operate.
Good luck happy growing.

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I have them high because I watered them yesterday afternoon and by morning I could see the dirt was dry even stuck my finger in so I should lower? If so how many inches… and thank you

Im not sure what the true watt value of your light. But seedlings really only need about 35 or 40 watt bulbs for at least the first 10 or 15 days. Then you can put them under your l.e.d. Im not an expert at all. But i did start my grow experience with 15 white widow auto seeds and all were not great. Its a learning experience some times.