White Widow Auto Flower Week 6

I would appreciate feedback on the 4 plants. Germinated seedling went in those pots on April 2nd. I’m six weeks in. Thanks

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Thanks, this save time for everybody.

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Strain…White Widow Auto Flower
Method…outdoor pot, potting soil and Bergman’s Plant Food
PH of water…just house water, I’m sure chlorine is present
Nutrients…Bergman’s plant food
8-10 hours of Sun, temps low 65 high 95-100
Humidity 45-65%

Hi @Bmjctt …Welcome to the neighborhood. You should be testing the ph in and runoff. Can u get a couple close ups

This could be an issue. You have to let tap water set for 24 hours to dechlorinate. And proper pH adjusting as well, with watering and feeding.

Daily I now use over 4 gallons of water. So I have two buckets of 4 gallons of water, staggard, off-gassing, for 24-hours and then the small fish tank bubbler for 24 hours, before PH (6.0) and Nutrient (1200) balancing. Currently dealing with a 8.4 RO issue. WTF happened? My house water arrives at PH 8.6-8.8 Bottled water is now $1.25 and bulk is $.50, but the looks, so I now use city water. @BudzMS This is the problem (moved).

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