White Widow Auto Flower Still Growing

Hey how’s it going. So I hav a few autos growing but one in particular is massive and has been growing way past its scheduled harvest date lol. Any reason this may have happened? It was extremely bushy and I kno they say don’t deflate autos, but I had to for space and also to make sure bud sites hav proper light. Even removed about 2 lower branches. Right now the plant is about 6 feet tall. Here r b4 and after pics from it being bushy to b trimmed a bit. This thing was planted from seed in March, like March 3rd.


Holy hell how big is that tent?

@MrPeat this looks like something up your alley.

I would bend her over so the top don’t get fried by the light. Because it will destroy that cola and you don’t want that at all.

Pull the plant closer to the door and slowly bend her backwards. Use zip ties and or rope like Paracord.

Bruh. Tent is 60x48x80. So it’s plenty tall but she won’t stop growing lol. I was gonna cut the top cola off cus she’s way taller than the light. Irony is I got the tent cus it outgrew the other.

That’s the thing, she too solid at this point. If I try that she’ll snap. I jus move her away from the light, but I scoot her close over so at least SUM of the top cola gets light. But I’ve no issues pushing her away. I even thought of cutting that top cola off

Big facts. Everyone says the same, cus I treat her with so much love she’s giving it back. I expect a very huge harvest from her. Bht damn she got way too big lol

At this point u can’t tbh. For one it’s an autoflower, so cloning then does nuthin. I mean u can but it’ll stay at its current life cycle instead of being a regular cutling like most photo period plants. Then she’s already in flower so at this point it wud do nuthin. Cus jf thjs was a photo I’d definitely clone

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This is my current setup. 4 white widow autos. 3 LST and one a friggin Christmas tree lol. All in flower.

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I grow super monsters indoors. I have had 7’6” tall by 8 feet wide. I wouldn’t cut that cola off. If you can adjust the light so its not hitting the cola you should be good.

The reason I say don’t cut the cola as it will be the best producer. I have had colas over 2 feet long and get over 8oz dried, cured and no stems off the main cola.

Are you sure its a Auto? Because if it is, it must be mainly a Sativa strain.

This is how I pimp roll Photos. My tent is a 4x4x80” driven by HLG 260xl rspec x 2.


Yea that’s wat I was gonna ask ILGM support staff lol. Cus all my others grew small and trained nice. For a hybrid this is definitely growing like a sativa and for an autoflower it definitely missed its cue. I flushed it like 3 weeks ago, but the sumbitch jus kept growing lol. I jis watered her and maybe I’ll feed her flower nutes and bloom booster and see wat happens. Personally it’s amazing watching how different genetics and phenotypes grow differently. But I need her to hurry up tho on God and Nem

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Also that’s a nice setup u got Im running 1000 watt Maxisun led and a 300watt led from Cob Led

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I used to run Viparspectra PAR600 lights. I’m glad I made the switch because its a good feeling when you pul 1 lb off a plant indoors and that is the dried, cured and no stems.

I just finished my first Auto and I have a 2nd one going as well. When I get done with the Firework stand I am going to drop my Tora Bora strain.

I would send them a message because I have had Indicas hit over 6 feet but not by much. Now my Sativa strains get massive and I run a 12/12 start to finish. :+1:

I’m working on training better for autos. This may hav been a special one. I expect a ton off of her. But I need her to stop growing lol

What light schedule do you have them on?

Not even gone lie bruh, sum times 12/12 sumtimes 16/8. It is everywhere. I’m so busy I don’t keep track so best I do is keep lights on wen it gets dark around 8pm and cut them off around 10am wen sun come up. Jus to reduce heat. Humidity in the Midwest around this time of year is borderline criminal.

Come down to South Texas along the Gulf. You will know what real humidity is. :joy::joy::joy:

Get a light timer so the lights turn on and off for you. Makes it easier.

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Ctfu. Aye we got the Great Lakes up here lol. But u hav a point :joy:

Irony is I hav one but lost it

I use a Century timer with 2 3 prong plug ins. I have teo. One for the lights. The other is for the window ac and box fan.

We run the House AC 24/7 all year round.