White widow auto flower Nutes

ok so i am growing a batch of auto flower white widow, i am useing brand new soil from home depot called Viagoro says it feeds for 9 months, when the plants where just entering veg stage i gave them a little Nutes just once, now at 5 weeks of growth every single one shows signs of nutrient burn the leaf tips are brown or deformed leaf tips on all in plants in soil,
i have switched to plain water about 2 weeks ago when i noticed the leaf tips. so are these strains more sensitive to nutrients then regular strains, i have regular WW in the tent and it isnt showing any of the same signs, it has identical environmental conditions, soil water nutes light (light is 18 hours on 6 hours off) all identical conditions
i have 10 autos 8 in soil 2 in hydro the plants in soil are as follows 3 of the plants are tall and thin, and 5 are short and thick everything is the same as far as water soil light ect is this normal growth patterns for this strain the 2 in hydro are perfect condition no signs of Nute burn and plants are short and thick

Don’t use soil with time release ferts in them, and don’t give nutes in addition to using soil with time release ferts in them, at least until the ferts are depleted.

Seeds are like an unlabeled box of chocolates - you never know what you’re gonna get. You can and will get very different plants from seed from the same strain, many different phenos exist within the same strain.


@Hellraiser is right. 9 months of nutrients is gonna give you problems on a plant that only grows 4 months tops. But if you are in the flowering stages already you might as well ride it out and hope for the best. Don’t add any extra nutrients and don’t flush. Itll just release nutrients

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good to know… this is first crop past my practice crop, which i used old worn out dirt and fed good nutes turned out great, this time i bought new dirt thinking good dirt good grow haha guessed wrong

If you plan to grow autos then I would suggest growing in coco coir. The plants grow so much faster and with autos, the faster they grow the bigger they get. I pulled a lb off one white widow auto in 7 gallon pots of coco

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When you do water, is your water pH’d to 6.5 and do you water to a runoff?

Ok cool that’s great info with coco I will need to feed correct?

Yes sir. I start nutrients at about a quarter strength about 10 days in. Also when I water the coco bricks I add 7.5 ml of calmag and 1/4 strength nutes to the coco. I don’t use coco loco, that’s more of a soil type medium in my opinion

where is best place to buy the coco coir, AMAZON?

@frankiefingers I picked up a 11lb brick from Walmart last time I bought some. But if you can’t get it there then yes Amazon has it