White Widow Auto Flower in So. California

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The temperatures have been consistently over 100 degrees for the last couple of weeks. This year I tried growing in pots mainly due to poor ground soil and better concealment from neighbors on my patio. It has been a bit worrisome as watering correctly is a bit harder with the extreme heat, always avoiding overwatering. I have had two large harvests already this summer / fall. I also harvested 3 Strawberry Cough plants but my buds got a slight red color but nothing like the picture on the seed bank. Anyone out there have experience with strains that do well in the severe heat? I would prefer Indica or indica dominated hybrids. I had good success with a couple of buds on two of my plants that are a couple weeks away from harvest getting little green caterpillars inside them and making the tips brown. I have read not to spray Neem oil after the plants flower. Ant tips?

Don’t want to use neem oil in flower I’ve heard that captain jacks dead bug brew is the go to stuff these days for caterpillars if you see one prolly kill it might want to remove effected or brown dead buds from the plant as for strains I’m not too sure I only grow inside and temps don’t normally even get close to that hot for me

Thanks for the tip.