White Widow Auto Flower - First Hydro Grow


@Johnzy81 tag away! I have been wondering what you were up to lately


When do you suppose this WWA will flip itself? What would be a good estimate on Time to Harvest - sprout to chop? I am trying to determine some travel schedules…

Thanks guys -

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@Noctis420 … Any thoughts?


@Poseidon - I grew WWA for the first time this season. It’s states that from germination to harvest is 100 days but that’s just an estimate time. I found that out as I was going along with my grow , they took longer than 100 days but definitely shorter than growing feminized. I would also suggest to do your homework on growing Auto’s , there was lot I wish I had known before hand and I would avoided a lot of mistakes that slowed her growing down. But I would absolutely grow again , although they were smaller than I’m use to , I got a decent yield from them and got 2 harvest in one season. I know next season’s grow the Auto’s will be much bigger , I learned a lot and enjoyed the experience. I grew WW fem last season and the potency between Fem and Auto are the same [ just in case your wondering}



All the auto’s I have grown have had packet estimates of 75-85, but as @MBgrower stated mate 100 days would be safe to do any timing on even 110 just to be sure with drying and curing hope this helps you out buddy :+1:.


I think @Poseidon was trying to work out did he or would he be able to be giving the nearest possible number of days to aim for with his WWAs so he can have and time a holiday mate :v:️.


Yeah good point @Johnzy81 :laughing: they usually don’t veg any longer than four weeks @Poseidon if you see a pre-flower switch to blooming nutrients and it will convert a bit faster. I’ve read on here you can extend the veg a little longer too by staying with veg nutes a little longer even if you see the preflower.


I was just given @Poseidon the way I think he asked if we could give him a time more then Trichomes letting him know his hoping to be around to watch them, so I was only trying to get him beyond the time it might take so he can have an idea of when or to leave for his holidays, and yes I do agree that it takes about 4 weeks but we know all plants are individual and could finish their flowering cycle at different times :wink:


Thanks for the info. The 100 day mark seems to be the average from what I am reading. I am at 28 days so this is going to be interesting…


So it could be close for you then mate is it?


@Johnzy81 - yeah, just trying to get an estimate from those who have grown WWA. I have a hand held microscope to check trichs for time-to-chop but if I am 500 miles away, won’t help. I own property in three states so my travel is just another F’ed up part of this growing “adventure”

I am flying under the radar… and solo. I don’t trust telling any friends or family I am doing this. It’s all me…


I am thinking late October… I am around 30 days from seed pop in the Jiffy pod right now. I am taking pics later this morning. Will tag you :grinning:


I’m looking to relocate I would love to be able to have something like to do, so yeah il come mate :v:️, I wish.


@Johnzy81 - I am thinking about selling two and retiring to the beach property. Within 5 years I hope. I am in my 40’s so I gotta work a little more to pump up my 401k …

Wanna buy my lake/mountain house??? :wink:


@Johnzy81 - here she is 30 days from dropping the seed in the Jiffy Pod




She looks brilliant mate you must be happy out there I definitely would be for sure class :v:️.


The new COB’s arrived. Gonna stick with adding one right now. Will add the 3rd light later (if needed) or just use as a spare. I am at 535 true watts now for one WWA


I want to climb in the grow tent and just sit for about 5 minutes… That is all