White Widow Auto Flower 10 Weeks Old (How Much Longer?)



those look awesome.

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I wet trimmed her today and the colas measured 9.75 ounces. Im hoping for 4!


How do you like that trim bin? I was looking at them on Amazon today.

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@TheBeardedStoner it’s totally worth the cost.


That’s good to hear, I’m going to put it in my to buy list.

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I have the same it has so many uses and so durable

After cutting and trimming last night, I now realize that I need one of these @yourviolentpast ! :laughing:

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Hello fellow grower i am growing white widow autoflower
And every time i grow my plant always grow to tall and it makes my buds look well lets say kind of small my plant
Is very healthy and strong. I also saw the plant starting to
Foxtail so i cooled my grow room down and the plant stop foxtailing and now i am eight weeks into my grow and have started the flush on my girls however i noticed that my trichromes are still pretty clear I have about 60% cloudy and I have about maybe 10% Amber and the rest is clear should I let my plant keep growing for another two to three weeks to allow the trichromes to be at least 60 to 70% Amber before Harvest?