White Widow Auto Flower 10 Weeks Old (How Much Longer?)

Here is two of The White Widow Auto Flower @10 weeks old, they’ve been flushed for one week with phd water. Was thinking of at least another week? I am seeing maybe 10-20% brown pistols to white and still some standing straight up. As well as the trichomes appear to be milky or almost fully “milky”.


Looks good I’d let it fatten up two weeks go by trichomes but you can partially harvest as needed. I let mine run twelve weeks they were DONE :wink::sunglasses:


Thanks! Cant wait for harvest, I’m waiting to try it.

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I know right?! But worth the wait and then a good cure while you sample :wink:

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Here are mine at 10 weeks…id say ya got a few weeks left yet…wwa


As many already stated, you have at least a couple of weeks. Very few brownish-orange hairs. Depending on effects desired, when you have at least 50% brownish-orange pistils, then start looking at the trichomes for harvest window.

Plants look good. Remain patient, let the buds fatten up, and you will be rewarded with a much better product.

Continued success.


One Week Later Update, :drooling_face: Thinking One More Week

Have you looked at the trichomes? What do they look like?

Seems as if you are foxtailing pretty badly. Not sure. I know some strains do grow like that.

Lots of white pistils.

Hey all…nice buds…just wondering…I see in a lot of people posting great pics of all their plants…I noticed that most pics show all the fan leaves taken off and just left with all the bud and sugar leaves…is this how far I should go with my trimming??

The trichomes are milky from what I can see from the magnifier glass, I haven’t yet gotten a jewelers loupe. I’ve read from many users their white widow auto fox tailed too pretty early on in the grow. I think it has something to do with the genetics :thinking:

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I didn’t really trim much of this grow, the plants are almost done so I just take of the yellow leaves daily

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Depending on the desired effects, you could take a small sample, quick dry it, and see what it is like.

I definitely harvested too soon. Got a good head buzz and could still be functional. However, needed more time to get more medicinal qualities for my arthritic knees - too many years of competitive sports have left their mark!

Best of luck for a nice harvest.

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Haha I accidentally trimmed off a big nug while taking off some leaves, letting It dry a bit and then sample :smirk:

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