White widow auto first timegrower /why no smell

Can anyone tell me if this white Widow looks healthy why it has no smell

You have to activate the terpenes in the plant , some nutrients has some additives to activate them , are you can add Terpinator , Cha Ching , Bud Faxtor X , and it’s a few more to name , but look at what you can add at what stage growth you in to get you terpenes started .

Cool thank u

Oh no worries it is gonna start smelling sticky soon

Read on how to increase terpenes in cannabis plants and what additives that works best with any nutrient line . I prefer Terpinator , Bud Factor X by advance , Cha -Ching by Fox Farm , you can used Coconut water hydrated are even Skin milk late in bloom also but it’s several brands you can find that can help .

Have u hadithappen to you before

I haven’t grown any autos but my current white widow plants didn’t smell much if any and only when you touched them until they were into flowering . Now they really are smelling delicious