White Widow Auto first grow

End of week 13 on my white widow auto. Thinking of going dark on Sunday for 48 - 72 hours then harvest…what do you think?


How many weeks has the plant been flowering? Those flowers do not look ripe yet.


they look amazing but I can’t give any input on harvest time.

7 -8 weeks since flower sites appeared.

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how tall are they? just curious

It’s too early. You still have a couple of weeks to go.


Almost 40"

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I may be behind schedule because my original 150/1000 watt LED light was not large enough. Upgraded to a Spider Farmer fc-e3000 right after flowering started and she took off.

Wow thats one wicked white widow and i thought mine was good man thats a monster here is mine that i done

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What was the yield on yours? Looks like you have more per Cola but I have nearly 30 Colas…

wow thats tall

my wwaf in hydro lST

with issues. Using one 1500w led

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Well that might be the fisherman in me. Last measured 34" at week 7 and the main cola has added 3 or 4 inches easily, but I haven’t measured lately.

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I got nine ozs off mine i got two ozs of popcorn bud and seven ozs of good smokable buds

To early, wait till all or most all them white pistols have turn dark then start watching the trichomes.
They look amazing though freind well done…
They will swell up more to over the next couple weeks.

Thanks to those that posted. I will update in a week or two as she gets closer to being ready.

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It has been a week and a half. Pistols starting to brown up good. Looks like new white pistols on new buds growing on top on existing buds…Have now flushed and will begin to use just ice as she finishes up…thoughts?


you have 3 weeks easy. look at all those white pistils

I am at 14 1/2 weeks now (9 1/2 weeks of flower). A lot of the White pistols are from new bud growth. I have ended nutrients and flushed. Starting to look for amber tricomes which are present but only a couple percent. Expecting to see them increase in the next week + as I start to reduce watering which will help keep humidity down…Anyway getting closer.



I just had two Gorilla Glue autos go over 17weeks. I pulled over 15oz off the one and about 8 off the other. Sometimes they go longer then the numbers say. But that most always equals a nice yeild…
I had another Gorilla glue and 3 girl scout cookies that finished in about the 14week mark and got 4-5oz off each one of them…

I think you may have gotten lucky with this one and she’s going to be a big producer…

These pistols will turn brown like the last bust, then if you get another full bust she isn’t done stacking up, but if the next round of pistols is just kinda here and there and she will probably start to foxtail, then she’s done stacking and then it be time to start watching trichomes for ripeness…
This is kinda my process anyway, it’s worked well for me …