White Widow Auto Fem flowering question

Just went in to take a look at my two widows and I think I am seeing a white hair on the main kola of one. It was germinated on 11/28 and been on 18/6 lighting. Is this even possible ???

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Doesn’t matter how much light you give an autoflower, thus the “auto” part. I keep mine under 24 hours of light the whole grow and get great results. I wouldn’t go less than 10-12 though, if you’re cutting down to save electricity.

Need some pictures that will help

You got it…

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With autos they flower when the particular plant is ready having nothing to do with light. When I grow autos I never give them less than 18/6 light. Most of the time 20/4 and only to give them a little rest. 24 hrs as @kushpa has said seems to work well for a lot of people. That is another great thing about autos. You can blast them with light the whole grow. Just on a side note. Try and get everything you want to do to them done before they flower. Especially in that stage they do not do well with stress at all. Happy Growing!


Just doing a straight through grow…no fancy tricks. Looks like it is getting close to flower stage. Just not quite sure…lol. :confused:

Just keep an eye out 3 nodes down from the top. In between the stem and side branches you will see the bulb with the white pistil coming out and you will be there. Hard to see with your pic. She is a bushy one :grin:

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I think I have a nice Christmas present… @SativaStone

Here is an update picture…plant has jumped 3" in as many days…

Amazing growth…:wink:


From here on you’re going to be amazed at how that thing grows they are one of the most amazing resilience plans of ever seen in my life the autos are amazing


I fell in love with autos this year. As long as I’m able, I will always try to have some growing now.

I will probably do two at a time. Great to have something budding when everything else is still vegging out!

Enjoy the new ride…


@FloridaSon I agree 100% I have mine spread out to where I’m harvesting something every month hopefully it’s a short winter I’m excited to try them outside


Waiting on some Super Skunk Auto…for my next grow… should be here in a couple of weeks. Have to wait till harvest to plant again though. Very tight quarters in 2x2x4 grow tent. Then it will be close to starting an outside crop. :crossed_swords:

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My second girl has slipped into flowering today…planted 2 days after the 1st. Looks like Valentines day will a good time!! :couple_with_heart:

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Going with tiger bloom for flowering… says 2-3 teaspoons per gal…any suggestions??? :grimacing:

How long did the flower stage last @FloridaSon on your autos? :smirk:



See, that was when I first found the site and wasn’t paying attention to time tables. I wish I had an accurate number for you.

I planted late February and harvested early May, I believe.

I’m attempting to get better with keeping track now that I’m stepping inside. Outside, I just waited until the buds were ready. There was really no need to track a timeline.

My knowledge of plant cycles has all come from reading here, the blogs and guides. This next grow will be applying what I have learned.

I’m hoping the yields will justify the expense of going inside. The only reason I agreed to do it was to get a Winter crop.

We’ll see…