I would defoliate and super crop the tall ones. They seem vigorous/ very healthy and could handle it, if one took their time softening the stock and bending her over. That would even your canopy and give lower bud sites more light and air. Example of some early flower super cropping I did on these autos


I have no idea what your showing me :pensive: but it is sort of starting to come together. how far should the light be from them at all times? Is there anyway you can draw on my pic of what to do? (I am starting to feel my brain cells dying).

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Wow your guys WWA look amazing I’m currently on my first ever grow. Those are some tall wwa you got haha

He’s telling you yes you can do some bending but they get a LOT more brittle when they go into flower , during veg you can almost bend them in half without hurting them so I’d recommend a string attached to a binder clip and gently pull them a little each day but really buds dont NEED light some say they add to the thc content but as long as you re getting plenty of leaf photosynthesis you’ll be fine

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LOL! yeah I know kinda embarrassed!! But hell its better than my last and 1st time.

I knew that :woman_facepalming:t3:! it’s the leaf that needs the light. I might need to get some sleep. what do mean? string each stem or just the top one?? TY

Typically I only string the main cola since it’s the tallest so that makes everything more even letting lower the light and getting more overall photosynthesis

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week 3- everything look okay other than the leaves at the bottom?

& what’s going on!
Screen Shot 2021-01-13 at 11.49.51 PM|408x500

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Leaves on the bottom that do not get light turn yellow and die on their own. Or your plant could be wanting a little N. Your best bet if you want to learn about super cropping and other training methods is the youtube. There are very detailed videos showing how a lot better then I can through some colors on a picture. Biggest thing is do not panic these plants can take it. I think they like the abuse personally. Good growing man!!

@Axemanjake23 @GreenSnek. Do y’all use a booster during wk 6- wk 7?

I do not. Unless you consider a microbe tea a booster. If in week 6 or 7 of flower and using bottled nutes I normally just start giving plain water to flush her out.

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Week 6 is usually week 1 of flower by then I give them their big flower dry amendments ( 12 tablespoons of 484 each ) then week 3 I give them 8 each then once half my pistils are browned I cut them off the nectar organic wet nutes(usually week 4 or 5of flower) I have yet to have an auto flower for longer than 5.5 weeks

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that’s great! I am just keeping eye out for color change, b/c I have no idea where my grow is at

how do you dry yours

I did a wet trim first time around but this time im going to dry trim so first I dip branches in pyroxide water then clean water and hang them over my bathtub with a large fan for a couple of hours then I hang them in a sort of wardrobe closet with a small fan non directly circulating the air by blowing on the back of the closet and I try to keep the humidity at 55-60% I know it’s done when small buds snap off with a gentle 180 pull

I’m also on day 48 with an auto. So you’re saying about 3 weeks left of flower? I’m not too familiar with autos.

Probably I hear sativas go extras long but my sativas are thickening so much faster then my indicas so who knows

Guys, what is best for the magnifying to see the resin? I would like to have the ability to take pictures. I have a iPhone 11 max. any suggestions???
:slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face

I have a jewelers loupe but my nearsightedness is excellent so I just use my eyes most of the time sometimes I put the loupe up to my phone camera and just use that

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loupe ?

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