White Widow auto dwc

right on schedule with two months to grow!


Yeah, I’m gonna change her res today.
I’m using fox farm trio. Should I cut the grow in half and add a little tiger Bloom since it’s beginning to flower? I was planning on using the Fox farm chart but modifying it a little.

I was going to use week 3.
Instead of 3 tsp/gallon, I was thinking of giving her a half dose of grow big and a half dose of Tiger Bloom? @kabongster, @Hogmaster, @BIGE, @bob31
It would be
Big Bloom. 5 tsp
Grow Big. 3 tsp
Tiger Bloom. 3tsp

this is when I supplement that middle number, phosphorus, when the buds hairs start to show, give them a boost
what’s the ppm for that mix?

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Haven’t tried it yet. Does that look about right? To try an city down on the grow and introduce some tiger bloom?

Ppm for that was 545

Both after about 5 minutes after being placed in

It is still coming down slowly

Finally settled I think


sorry to walk away…lunch time…if you follow the feed schedule, this week and next are when they recommend cutting back on Grow Big…the ppm is good, I wouldn’t go lower, not higher than 600 or so.

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I gave her this, she was yellowing that second little set of leaves so I assumed she could handle it it was just about twice as high as the last change, so I figured I’d watch an see how she liked it

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yeah, a little yellowing as she transitions, now to slow the yellowing down.

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They are still yellowing slightly, but I think its gonna be alright.

When is liquid karma best used in y’alls opinion?

I need to get some of that to try…it’s always recommended for clones, transplants, plant stress…seems useful through veg, not so useful in flowering…wait to hear from a user @Hawkeye_diesel :wink:

there are many other products out there just like Liquid Karma, so you always have other options too. I forget what it is off hand, but I know General Hydroponics makes one, I know I have it lol


Biothrive? I’ve seen a few products. I’m gonna try the liquid karma and see how I like it. I’m guessing I would add it to the nutrients when I feed, but would it be better to use in between feedings or everytime plain water and when I feed?

or superthrive…I just threw my year old bottle away…I couldn’t open it, a crusty residue sealed it shut…I used pliers to open it and it smelled pretty bad!

there was always a crust on the lip, some would fall into the bottle when I opened it…after a year, the stuff inside wasn’t like a new bottle would be.

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Yeah superthrive that as well brother haha

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that superthrive is great when watering in transplants…
i soak my peat rapid rooters with a light blend for seedlings…
just all around good stuff in my book…lol

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Day 29: movin right along


She got a res change today, some liquid karma, tiger bloom, and big bloom. I also added another air pump to the bucket, so let’s see how that does as well.

Day 34:


Changing the res out today, will update after completion

Day 39 and day 14 of flower: She got a res change today. I’ll get some better pictures tonight when the lights go out.
7tsp big bloom
4tsp grow big
4tsp tiger bloom
10ml liquid karma
Ph: 5.84
Ppm: 478


Hey hawk I probably should just keep my mouth shut but , I can’t knowing I might be right.(stranger things have happened)
I was under the impression that once bloom started the grower should stop the use of liquid karma because it has hormones in it geared for seedlings veg.
I could be so oooooooh wrong,but I want to know