White Widow Auto DWC Help!

Not much of an update today. It looks like some of the newer leaves got a tad bit bigger.

I checked the PPMs and they were at 347 so I think we might be in the right spot as far as that goes. I’ll check again in a few hours to see. I also raised the water level slightly again to about 1 1/4 inches.

I re calibrated my pH meter before finishing the res change last night in hopes of getting accurate readings.

After checking the pH today I saw that it raised to 6.48 so I lowered it back down to 5.85.

I’ll add some pictures in another day or two once I can really see a noticeable difference.

Thanks again everyone for your inputs and the information. It’s very much appreciated

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Here’s a picture I took today. It looks like she’s grown a tad bit. She doesn’t look quite as pale but she definitely has some more recovering to do. Roots have gotten a little bigger. I’m not sure if my PPM meter is accurate as it was a cheap one. The readings I got on my first three days after changing the res stayed right at 347 so I thought maybe I hit a sweet spot. Well today I checked the meter kept fluctuating like crazy up to 385ppms but it never set it stone it jump right back down to around 335 then back up. What’s the most fluctuation you can allow before bringing your ppms back down? That’s with the assumption they have raised. I’ll be getting a new one to test out. The pH is rising so I guess that’s a plus instead of dropping.

Tent Temps
Lights on: 73-76
Lights off: 64-66


Light 21” from the top dimmed to 150 watts

PPM: was steady at 347 but meters was fluctuating between 334 and 385 lol so idk. Haven’t noticed at burnt tips on the new growth. Only what was already there.

pH: creeped from 5.85 to 6.02


Looking good! Give it a week. She’ll look better and better each day. Looks like the new growth is coming in good. Give it time. Keep her growing!

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Hey everyone just a little mid week update before the next res change on Saturday. Shes looking a bit healthier in my opinion then when I first posted her and she has some new growth coming in. The only thing that’s really concerning me is she hasn’t put on any size it looks like. When that does that explosive DWC growth really kick in? Granted if I haven’t already ruined this grow. Also how can I get a little vertical height on her and get the node spacing around an inch apart?

Temp: 73 degrees
Res temp: 67 degrees
RH: 50%
PPM: 356
pH: 6.1 and brought down to 5.8

Lights are Mars Hydro TSW2000 dimmed to 150 watts and sitting 24” above the top of the plant.


Looking good. Just curious, did you ever check to make sure your ph meter was calibrated?
Something else, they have been stunted due to the nute issue so they may take a min to get going again. Stay to the coarse that @peachfuzz gave you and you can’t go wrong.

Her roots are still forming, so to speak. You may still have about another three weeks, maybe four before her root ball gets big enough to start feeding and growing like crazy. :+1:t2::v::sunglasses:


I actually recalibrated it right before the last bucket change and it matched spot on with the solutions it came with so I would think its reading pretty accurately now.

Since her roots are still forming should I top feed her? I did that during the first week to try an encourage as many roots as possible to grow down into the solution but then I quit during the second week of her being in the bucket because I was afraid I may over water her. Hopefully at some point I can get everything dialed in from start to finish and avoid any major stunting.

Also one last thing, how should go about node spacing? I can see where the plant has grown some but they just look so close together.

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I personally think since her roots are in the water, I would keep it around 1.5” to 2” below the net pot.
Air, ph, ppm’s and water level is about all that needs to be kept in check. The plant will tell you what it needs. :sunglasses:


That’s almost the name of my current grow. I’m just a little ahead of you… I think. Meaning I think my grow started a little before yours.
My Sour Diesel broke ground on 12-8-20. I’m doing a lot of training so, between the cold temps, (water and room) she’s growing kinda slow but she is getting a killer stalk on her.
She was 5 weeks old yesterday.

And yes I’m also doing Jacks 321 and loving it.


Res change! Hey everyone just a quick update on today’s res change after another week. I did the previous mix of two gallons of nutrients with 2 gallons of water but I upped it just a bit in hopes of getting to around 400-450.

2.5ml Armor Si
7.5ml CALiMAGic
10ml Micro
5ml Bloom
15ml Grow
6ml Diamond Nectar
8ml Hydroguard
4ml Rapid Start

PPM: 390

pH downed to 5.8

Tent temp: 74
Res temp: 66

I will be checking in a few hours to see if there is any fluctuations in PPMs and pH.


Are these ml amounts per gallon? If not your underfeeding them according to GH feed chart. :grin: