White widow auto day 70! Need advice


@Hogmaster @PurpNGold74 @dbrn32 after a week of correcting my ph and also flipped to 12/12 she has spread out and started stretching. I am now worried about air circulation issues and wanted some advice on defoliation ie where to start or if I should? Cheers again :slight_smile:


If circulation is the worry i would start lower and take a few here and there. Dont strip her all at once and dont forget she needs those fan leaves for photosynthesis. Dont go scissor crazy but 3 or 4 on this side and 3 or 4 here might help. KISS Keep It Simple Stupid. And less is more.

Also wait for bit more in-depth answer. From more in depth growers.


It’s more the undergrowth I’m worried about there’s a lot of Bush under that canopy. I never trimmed her at all just let her be bit now she’s in flower I worry about bud rot or mildew.


@PurpNGold74 took some off the bottom to start as you suggested didn’t go wild.


That’s what I would do as well. Start small and find a schedule that works for you to make it an ongoing thing. Couple of leaves from a couple different areas of plant each time.


Yes, she needs some defoliation. Do it like @dbrn32 said, a few leaves a day. Don’t go crazy and take a bunch of leaves all at once.


yes dont go crazy. if you take too much she will go into shock, stop growing and generally look miserable. Im #1 with this mistake


Lol, yes, don’t do what @basementstealth did! Though his girl is fine, she took a long time to recover.


fyi if you are interested


Warning graphic photos :joy::joy:.


You should use the wires you have in the pot to pull the outside branches down to let light into the middle of the plant


I prune my Autoflowers a lot
Looks like I need to back off a lil on the nitrogen


That’s a good idea @boardsbird I was thinking of trying that but wasn’t sure if it would work. She’s getting big takes up a good section of the grow room with buds forming everywhere. I just hear so much about mold and shit I would hate for all my hard work to go to waste. Cheers.


I’m a real snob,“I want 15 big pretty bud’s with zero popcorn” What some of the commercial grow videos, some of them really strip their plants


Hey @Mikkpay , first off.congrats on growing a nice begged auto she’s bushy as hell! Nice, anyway I’m on day 22 of my 1st auto grow probably 2-3. Weeks behind you,
My first grow was white widow fem , I begged for 12 weeks took forever lol
I’m not to sure about these autos yet but I agree with everyone here just pick a few here and there where a large fan leaf might be blocking a flower, you can also tuck leaves under also which doesn’t hurt or shock the plant in my opinion, I hear these get shocked easy but I’m sure there’s a good Auto grower if not several here with get logs and willing to help.
But anyway if your going into flower I wouldn’t sorry to much about defoliation your getting ready for stretch , that’ll stretch her out thinner and open here up, hey you can still start some LST also.
What’s the circulation problems?


Look at the plant today

19 days of growth. For me pruning or FIMing them never slows the plant down


Sexy lady there board. Somehow im back off ur journal… im watching waaaaay too many journals :joy::joy:


My journal on how to not net an autoflower,I have some Durban Poison reg/fem’s and I wont be fooled again.The journal is mainly so I can look back. Once I get the GG#4 monster clone flowering well people will come
Thanks for watching


Looking at harvesting in 2 weeks any thoughts?


Just make sure there milky jeweler’s loop :+1: