White widow auto day 70! Need advice


Did all that bro read the bible doesn’t explain stuff all just goes through the basics which I find only works under complete controlled environments which I dont have that luxury. I run a grow tent inside a shed in a part of australia that is hot all day and cold at night. I work 70 hours a week so lack time to constantly monitor. Got a ph meter always ph at 6.0 to 7.0.


@Mikkpay…sorry, didn’t know you were in Australia. Should be several large franchise hardware stores that will carry useful plant supplies. Almost anything labeled for tomatoes will do good on weed. Super hot all day and super cold at night??? You are in a desert environment?
Watch the temps. Your side of the world should be going into summer weather as the northern hemisphere is going into winter. HIgh temps will not be good.
Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute:


All good maybe cheers for all the help. Haha not a desert but the weather at the moment is weird. I’ve been feeding her since seed following ilgms nutrient schedule. I’ve up the dosage see what happens this week.


Pot is 5 gallon smart pot.


Grab a photo in regular lighting. Blurple tends to distort colors. It may not be very bad.


I’m not sure what you mean?


All good read it a bit slower Haha


I took it outside yesterday and it doesn’t look as bad as in the photos. Still no buds :frowning:


More photos of the problem. Any help would be great :slight_smile:


Let me poke some vets. @raustin @dbrn32 @blackthumbbetty @MattyBear @Donaldj @Justgrowin

Any idea?


Looks like a nitrogen deficiency. Are you feeding?


Looks like low ph to me. The full yellow and crispy leaves. Good thing is ph is easy to fix.

6 is too low for soil. 6.3 should b your bottom. And yes .3 matters.


Yes, if you have a Ph problem you want to fix that first. The nitrogen deficiency won’t get fixed until the Ph is between 6.3 and 6.8. Adding more nitrogen won’t help.


This might help image


They honestly don’t look to be autos what has been the light schedule?


I would have to agree with the others. Don’t look to be feeding properly, nutrients aren’t there or ph not within range for plant to get them.


I raised ph last night and they look bloody great this morning already Haha. Thanks boys and girls. Switched to 12/12 now to see if she flowers.


Good deal. N good luck wth the rest of the grow. If u need help don’t hesitate to tag someone. :+1:t5:


Thanks heaps


I bought the ilgm beginners pack with the nutrients and 20 white widow autos. This is my first one I’ve tried. Do you think the other 19 will be autos Haha? Cheers for all your help.