White widow auto day 70! Need advice


Hey everyone just after some help and advice on my plant. Currently growing one of ilgms beautiful white widow autos. Little lady popped out late July and grew like a mad bit@# until a week or 2 ago. Vegged under cfls then moved her under 523watts from the wall of led or 1000w equalivent lighting. Now according to my calendar my princess is now closing up her tenth week of life but looking at her tops she still has lots of growing to do. Besides some hairs and tiny bud formation not much else happening. Lower leaves have started yellowing which seem normal for her age but I’m sure I’m wrong :slight_smile: any help would be great I’ll provide any and all info on request. Thank you fellow pot smokers :slight_smile:


Can you post pics?



Do I need calmag or something. First time I’ve actually looked at those photos Haha.


I know it got pretty hot in there a couple weeks ago that’s when the leaves went dark coloured on top.


Not to sure what that is. At work right now, I’ll try to help out later today. But, drop your light schedule down to 12/12 and that’ll help it flower faster


No worries I’ll give it a go tomorrow.


Remember the sellers will post fast harvest times…especially so with Auto’s.
Why? Simple, buyers looking at Auto’s are seeking the fastest harvest possible. And, buy those with the shortest time. And, sellers…well they want to sell.

There are several additives that will speed up the start of the flowering process.
Lowe’s sells a small spray bottle of this for around $7.

Best Wishes…:cowboy_hat_face::vulcan_salute::v:


Yeah that’s what I figured because she’s been pretty healthy just slowed down a bit over the last couple of weeks. Might hit her with some flower power or something to induce flowering but I’ll try 12/12 this week see if it starts to flower.


what is it lowes sells?


@Mikkpay…you could do both. It would insure the fastest fullest flower start.

the flowering stimulator is at Lowe’s…around $7


We ain’t got lowes In aus so I’ll have to find an alternative. Is it like grow stop or some shit? I thought the light wouldn’t effect autos? Cheers for the help


I want to get it going cause there is bud sites everywhere and will make a good stash.


All the middle of the plant is light green colour is that from not getting any light or is it heat problems or nutrient problems or all of the above? Or is it something else possible Haha.


Sorry for all the questions this is my first auto plant and the first time I ever tried lst Haha so set myself up well :slight_smile:



Will this help it start to flower?


Damn, it doesn’t look like they give you a good amount in those bags does it


@Mikkpay…the active ingredient in Tomato n Blossom Set spray…is cytokinin.

If you really want to have a productive grow…read the Free Grow Book download available here. Get a PH n PPM meter set for $20 off the net.


Yup pH is the root of all evil. She looks hungry (yellowing from the lower leaves up) also how bit is that pot? Did u feed her in veg?