White widow auto cbd seems to be taking a long time to mature

Hi all, just wondering my if I can get some support.

My auto is at the end of its 12th week (from germination) and has been flowering for some time.

I check the trichomes every few days and they’re all still clear. Until recently, all the stigmas had turned amber, but in the last week or so it has started sprouting new stigmas and the buds themselves are starting to expand and get bigger, after a few weeks of seeming to be the same size. Is this normal?

I’m wondering when the trichomes are even going to turn cloudy at this point


Forgot to mention, it’s under LED 24/0, and I’ve also been using bio diesel potassium k as a foliar spray

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Pic with flashlight or without the blue led can help to any advised

Sometimes auto take more that the bank said, I see you said you had 12 weeks from sprout should wait two more weeks them check the thricomes

Happy growing🤘

I’m 8 weeks from germination and I’m estimating for 12 weeks or more.

That pic should give a better idea

I actually noticed a few amber trichomes upon a really detailed inspection of the uppermost cola. Maybe my loupe isn’t good enough to tell the difference between clear and cloudy?

At any rate, I kind of expected the buds to have a fatter, more consistent shape. They kind of remind me of pine cones at the moment.

Do they smooth out after harvest through the drying process?

Curing is what will smooth out your smoke.

So I’ve taken some more photos this morning using my loupe. Some of the trichomes towards the centre of the colas have turned amber but the vast majority are still clear.

I’m guessing that this plant will just take longer to mature and I haven’t missed anything? Any advice or comment would be appreciated. These pics are of buds up and down the plant

Some growers have lights on their plants 24 hours, but many growers advise giving plants some sleep/down time, which allows the plants to focus on other duties. I don’t know if that’s causing your growth problem, but it might be worth looking into for additional reasons.

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Yeah I’ve been thinking of doing 18/6 for my next grow

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The bud development has slowed right down with no real change in the trichomes and I’m
Wondering if I should just cut my losses and harvest?

I’m in the 15th week since germination