White Widow Auto Bud Color

• White Widow Auto
• Method: Soil
• Vessels: Pots
• PH of Water, 6.4-6.7
• Indoor: 4x2 tent
• Light system: 300w
• Temps; Day 72-77, Night 66-70
• Humidity; Day 50%, Night 60%
• Ventilation system; Yes
• AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: AC and De-Humidifier
• Co2; No

I’m growing a White Widow Auto, It’s now my 5th plant to grow. My question or concern is regarding the Buds coloring on this grow. The other buds on the other 4 plants have always been a pale green or cream color while coming in. The buds on this plant have always been dark in color, especially on the inner leaves and bud area. I thought it may have been rot but the plant has continued to grow and for the most part, aside from some minor Nutrient burn on the leaves, appears healthy. It still has a earthy, pepper, Lemmon smell as the other just not as strong. It is about 10.5 weeks since it sprouted and I’m planning on flushing and harvesting soon. Just wondering if anyone else experienced anything similar in their grows.



Natural purpling that weird heat wave then cool off seemed to have triggered a lot of people’s plants to shift colors some strains do it totally naturally with no temp change like devil cream



What awesome color you have!! Nice pheno

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