White Widow Auto Blooming Too Early

White Widow Auto plant is only about 10 inches tall and it started blooming. Two week later it’s 12 inches tall and buds are still forming and plant growth seems to have slowed down considerably. I had pinched the top after the 5th pair of leaves and now there are 2 buds at the top, but no new growth. Plant is receiving 24hrs of LED light. What could have caused this premature blooming? Are there any remedies? Will the plant produce more foliage and return to a more normal growth at some point?

How old? Autos may start flowering around 28 days. Size really has nothing to do with it.
That is why a good start is so important. Get them up and growing so you can get the training in before she gets too far into flowering

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That’s why its not a good idea to top an autoflower. You dont know when its going to flower and you cut off the part that was probly gonna produce the most bud. No it wont go back into veg if thats what you mean

Sorry your having a tough time. Did you not know that autoflowers did this? They pass them off as great plants for beginners but really thats far from true. They’re unforgiving, and basically useless if you ask me, not that anyone did :laughing:

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I have 2 Northern Lights Autos. They are doing great. One had a little bit of a stretched stem and wound up taller and less bushy, but has a ton of bud. The second one was short and became fat with foliage and lots of buds and is now taller than it’s sister. Assuming that these are the same species they still have much different leaves within the buds. The fat plant has long slender leaves while the now smaller plant had much wider and shorter leaves in the buds. They are so different, yet the buds appear to be the same.