White widow auto Almost there?

I am 11 1/2 weeks post germination for white widow auto flower. I think I am getting close to harvest in maybe 2 more weeks? My 2 plants are approx. 20” tall and seem to be stuck there. I have read the material about harvest time but it seems a little like rocket science to me…
Am I close to harvest? Thanks for your expertise!!


Be aware that seed seller’s flowering times are just that - weeks to harvest from the start of flowering, and not weeks to harvest from germination. The clock on the 8 to 10 week flowering time starts at the beginning of flowering when pistils first appear at the tips of the plant. When you see the pistils brown and recede it is time to begin assessing the trichomes for your desired effect.


I agree with the stoner above me. Those windows are just… best guesses at flower time not total grow time.

Your lady looks great! Nice n frosty. Swelling in all the right places… but the amount of white pistils and frankly the length of said pistils kind of hints at you still have weeks to go. Id keep feeding and reassess in a couple (2-3) weeks


I agree with others, looking great, but probably at least 3 weeks.

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