White widow auto almost 4ft tall need help

Hi so I have a white widow auto that I got a seed of one of my previous autos . Got 3 seeds of 2 plants so wanted to see what will come out of those seeds . So grew one out , it’s a girl , an auto , and it looks exzactly like the previous white widow autos I grew but she’s double the size easily of any previous ones . So I wasn’t expecting this much stretch from her but she’s at almost 4

feet tall now I tried to LST her but it’s too late . Can someone help me out on how to deal with this girl? I mean , at the bottom as you can see it looks like a calcium def. I’ve been feeding her calmag2-3ml/liter the last 3 waterings and it’s not helping . How should I continue with her ? Any advice ? I have a 3x3 tent with 3 plants all together all autos . White widow is one of them but 2 times as tall . 3 lights 2x240w mars hydro and a migro100+ . Also I’ve been feeding her advanced nutrients GMB +calmag+bigbud every other watering since start of flower . And the new growth by the bud sites is “twisted” is there a reason for that ? Ph is good , temp 25-27c, rh-40-50%.