White widow auto 6 weeks flower issue

Having an issue not sure the problem or deficiency plz help growing in coco i always use ph 6 ro water

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Yellowing of lower leaves started 5 days ago now new growth has brown spots like necrosis on newer leaves

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She’s calcium hungry

Ty i gave em a dose of cal mag today

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I hope to fix it i have eight buds on this plant as big as my fist.


Feed some cal/mag and also make a banana and cucumber skin tea ,what you are going to need is five banana skins and the skin off a whole cucumber cut the skins into smaller pieces place in a mesh bag or stocking place in a 20ltr bucket and add two tablespoons of molasses desolved in warm water bubble it for 24 hours and before u water ur plants stir in 10mls of fish shit this tea is high in potassium and phosphorus and calcium with a little bit nitrogen the molasses as iron and other minerals ur plant needs

Tyvm. I will get some nanners

Trimmed some large leaves fed som cal mag all betters. Now the wait until ripe buds gets uncomfortably near