White widow auto 6 seeds planted on 4/20



Man they look good! Have mine from ILGM and they will are on my agenda for my second grow!

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You are growing wwa i dont remember if i grew the wwa or the ww fem. It was my favorite smoke . A lot of weeds are similar but white widow is very distinct in its calming high. Growing in coco first time germinated seeds on 4/20 the day i got them go figure. They are all starting flower 30 to 35 days in. That is good because i got some autos from a different breeder that did not auto. These already smell i have a carbon filter exhaust. But i have to open the door to water. I should be able to figure something out by full flower when they really smell. I live in an apt and cannot have it smell like a field

Excellent! Looking good i am following along :eyes:

In my shower about to water 6 wwa in coco using esrth juice. Earth juice in coco maybe not the best idea but it does work and it does not burn its very forgiving.

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about 18 inches grown in less then 1/2 gallon pot plant got no love but will probaly get 1 bug cola im lazy with this plant need to fertilize it

:joy::joy: I was advised to trim off the bottom fan leaves so she can concentrate on bud making. :thinking:

I would only trim if the leaves are really blocking a bud site. Even then i would just tuck. The plant gets energy from the leaves . I dont know just got to pay attention to your plants

I started my wwa on the same day but I’m growing in a bubbler. I hope yours turns out good :+1:

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Do you have any pictures i want to see it

Mine where planted in soil April 9

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What are those 5 gallon pots looks good how many more days you think you have 20 30

That’s what I use and I should harvest all thru July 1 plant a week I think

Yeah in soil i would probaly use 5 gallon especially with an auto july 1 thats about 11 weeks im looking at probaly the same give or take a week. Fed it veg nutes for a while trying to delay flower .

They have put on some size in the last week. I can smell buds but there’s none to be seen? Maybe soon, who knows about these autos?

When they stop getting bigger they will start to concentrate on budding pretty much like a photo . Should be a week or less . Plant looks like its getting its structure for flower ready

I hope you’re right.:+1: