White Widow auto... 4" height normal?

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“The White Widow auto plants are about 1 1/2 months old now, growing in full sun, in Massachusetts and beautiful, but only about 4” tall, and flowering. Is that 4" height normal? I have read about these auto seeds. Please keep in mind I’ve been growing this for about 50 years, on and off. I’m also a very avid gardener, so I have lots of experience. "

Different seeds different genetics. WWA 17 days old outside new england. 3" tall

Seems small for a month and a half. These are mine WWA, oldest is about 44 days old from seed in this pick (broke soil apr 19, pic is from june 1st)…

So I would say 4" at a month and a half Is very small…


I’m in New England and have white widows that are smaller this year than they were last year. I had an issue with lighting in the beginning and then our crappy cold, wet spring added to it.


I’ve seen some pics of other WW growing here in MA both indoors for start and then outdoors have been struggling to get bigger, we had a long, dark and chilly spring and summer has been so inconsistent I think plants are a bit stressed.

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What’s type of soil? Checking the pH of the water?

these are my wwa I started outside 3 weeks ago they have seen about 4 days of sunshine and spent most of their time under the table out of the rain they got cot in heavy rain I was not home to save them they are struggling and stretching

these are my wwa at 3 weeks on my first grow inside big difference

These are my wwa’s at 4 weeks. Out door grow. Can’t say I am impressed. 5 hours sun and nutrients.

You’ve got a leafminer . . .