White Widow Auto - 2nd Grow, 1st auto

Thanks to IGLM, I am back for a second grow. White Widow Auto. Seedling just planted. Any thoughts on using the Great Lakes Water Only soil?

First time around I started my grow completely ignorant of the entire process. No knowledge of the type of seed or the process and even made the mistake of using MiracleGrow Moisture Max…anyway.

This time, I know the type of seed.

Purchased two soils Great Lakes Water Only and the Fox Farm Ocean. Just not much talk on here about the Great Lakes.

Before I transplant my seedlings, throw some input my way regarding the two soil option’s available to me. Growing outdoors. I have Fox Farm nutes from first grow.

Any input is appreciated.

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There is a guy on here using kind soil, sounds like what you’re talking about is the same thing, you should check out his journal

For autos, using super hot soil, especially to start, isn’t recommended. Autos typically have lower nute requirements than photo period plants

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Do not use fox farm soil that shit is hot and you will have more problems than you want. I tried it because it was on sale. I got nute burn everywhere my plants are 3 ft tall and still have issues if i feed them with more than a 1/4 strength of nutrients i use pro mix from Wal-Mart it’s 9.00 a bale

Thanks to folks who have already responded. Including a few who assisted through my first grow. Please see 7/10 entry and photo 2 & 3. Question regarding seedling. Thanks
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Thanks for the responses.

Going with the water only soil - Great Lakes, 100% outdoors.

7/7 - Success using paper towel/plate method after two days.

7/10 - One seems to be making more progress than the other. Not sure why. Will keep watching. Spraying soil using water bottle. Seed casing did not fall off the smaller plant…I ended up plucking it off myself. Could I have messed up?

Thanks and Vote to Legalize

Often the smallest seedling ends up being the biggest plant. No worries; they will all get there.