White widow auto#2


What you all think starting to turn purple? Wwa


@Hytech72 do you have a pic you can post?
My last indoor grow was white widow photos and one of them turned purple. Was an awesome looking plant.



If you have low temps this can happen lot of people will drop temperatures to manipulate colors


Whats the lifecycle for autos hogmaster shes 80 days old from seed…


You’re getting close. Refer to trich colors to choose harvest time. Majority milky with some amber is where most people take them. I don’t see a ton of white pistils, perhaps some close ups would be better.



Real frosty white


I posted new pic


Looks about done to me, have you looked at trichomes with jeweler loup?

Any amber ones?


I see some amber, lots of white milky balls too almost see without loupe,


So the purple is normal? My grow room never goes below 68F. Im still getting purpling. Im not trying to manipulate color just coincidence i guess. Will they be ok?


My WW is turning purple too:


I’m growing at 60 for highs and 35-40s for lows getting beautiful colors had it happen at 80 out side too

my blue cheese :cheese: