White Widow auto, 1 was 3x larger than the rest of them, is this common?


A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I received a white widow 10 + 10 deal and out of 20 seeds 1 was 3x larger than the rest of them. Is it possible that I received a seed from a different strain or is this common? I germinated it with others and they are both Indica dominant but the larger seeds plant is taller with broader leaves and quite a bit of distance between nodes, the other is shorter, the leaves are not as broad and it is very bushy with the nodes just about right on top of each other. I just hope that if it is a different strain that it is a auto since I have limited space and I don’t want to have to go to a 12/12 light to bring it to bud. And this will threw my harvest cycle and I have to wait longer to start a new crop. I grew a Skunk#1 plant back in the 1980’s and the plant was so large that I was able to make a walking stick out of the stem and this was a indoor grow. I just don’t have that kind of room any more since I am growing in a small grow tent. Please advice, thanks.”


The size of the seeds arent specific to species of mj. They can be a variety of sizes in one species like White Widow. I have gotten seeds from ILGM and bag seeds. They have all been different sizes, some bigger some smaller. Doesnt matter. Hope this helps.


A follow up from the customer, I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

“I think there was a mix up some how. The plant that came from that seed is vastly different than the others. It has much larger and wider leaves and is much taller, the nodes are a lot further away than the others. I have had to do some serious low stress training to bring it to the same height as the others. I just hope it is a Autoflower plant. My plants are all over a month old so I can really tell the difference. I wish I knew what strain it is, since it is a nice looking plant and if it works well for my medical condition and if it is a autoflower I would probably buy more. I just don’t know what to do with this other plant, I think it will be so large that it will take over my grow area. I think I will have to cut it down so it will not hog all of the light from the other plants. If I was prepared for plants this large I would have grown less plants. The one on the right is White Widow and the one on the left is unknown.”


Odds are it is an auto flower if it came from you 20 seeds from ILGM.

As for the plants looking different, that is mother nature. Almost all cannabis now a days is a cross of 2 or more other strains. Although most times they are similar in appearance, some times the phenotype from the other side of the cross is stronger, and the plants will vary in size and appearance. Being as WW is 60% indica, and 40% Sativa,

I wouldn’t worry to much about it, and in about a week or so you will know if they will flower.


Fimming and topping is another option as is a scrog. Much to learn!


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