White widow at 20 days old

I germinated 5 seeds in a cup of water, when I could see tap roots I dumped them to a paper towel and used tweezers to put them is peat pods, tap roots down just deep enough to cover. I put them under a qvc vegtable garden pod grow light for 7 days and then moved outdoors. This picture is at 20 days after germination. I water with 1 quart of water per day, next week gonna start using flower power grow fertilizer.


Looks good and healthy. You might wanna consider transplant to bigger pot if you are gonna grow that outside, looks like it’ll get big

Looks very nice so far.

You don’t think 5 gallon bucket is enough, it’s been outdoors for 10 days now

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:open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth: I hope 5 gal containers are big enough, that’s where my WW plants be calling home.

I’m pretty sure that is fine. I am not gonna transplant mine, I went from a 4 inch pot to 5 gallon. I have 1 that is about 30 days old and starting to bud, not gonna chance it

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Looking great :+1:
Keep up the good work

5 gallon pots are great but if your doing it out side it’s kind of like the bigger the base the bigger the tree. You got a nice plant there you would be amazed at what they do in 10 gallon or bigger. If you get a chance try it you won’t be disappointed
:sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: happy growing

How about if I go in the ground, as I only grow outdoors. I am trying a unknown plant I received as a gift, I put it in an above ground 18 inch deep by 4 feet wide by 8 feet long planter box, hope it does good

Prepare your hole before you go in the ground there is a very good post on here about that. I added pig poop and myconize in the bottom of my hole than let the sprinkler go for a hour then planted and used ph water i wasn’t expecting a 12ft tall plant it was pretty awesome though

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Wow, don’t think I want anything that tall

You can sog outside to. I’m just just saying if you already got the means and want a little challenge it’s worth trying it once. But when you harvest it oh boy that is when this is alot of weed off one plant :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face::money_mouth_face: i know everyone grows different and to each their own. With my experience i was very impressed.

Thanks all awesome info I will try to go bigger on next round, I read that auto flowering plants are more than happy even ifin 3 gallon pots, so I went with 5 gallon. Nextdoor round I will try even bigger pots

Just so you know I am looking at your journal, but I sprouted in peat pods, put peat pods in 4 inch pots surrounded by miracle grow for 7 days under cheap led grow light, then outdoors to 5 gallon buckets with 2 half inch holes in bottom and 8 half inch holes all around outside bottom edge of the buckets. Buckets filled with miracle grow and transplanted 4 inch into these not disturbing previous grow media. I put buckets on slats of wood to enhance drainage. Not feeding at all until after first set of leaves yellow and fall off. I water daily with a gallon of water now, sorry I started with only a quart a day

MG is bad juju…I won’t ever touch it again. I wasn’t able to feed nutes til almost the very end when I finally washed out the 2" pots I used to transplant seedling.

Some have good results with it and some don’t

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I guess I will have to do a test run next grow of WW. I am willing to do 2 plants in MG only and 3 OMRI approved organic soils. Those in MG will not receive nutes, since MG has time release nutes and adding any more could lead to nute lockout. My only concern is that many of the experienced growers say MG is good if you want a monster crop of edible grade MJ. I have no experience but am willing to give it a go to find out for myself.

You have a legitimate concern, as I said before I am more of a newbie than you, I grew 2 bag seed plants last year was having a hard time with it and I put them in mg and they took off when they started to flower I added big bloom nutes, I gave alot away and am still smoking on it. It’s tasty and potent. Don’t take advice from me , I’m telling you my experience, not as advice

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Awesome!!! I’m new too, only started this May. Looking forward to following this post and seeing all your hard work pay off. Have a great weekend!

Now at 48 days old, in miracle grow, watering once per day, feeding nutes at 1/3 strength twice a week, I use hose water, pH never tested