White Widow and Wedding Cake Autos Week 13. Are they all grown up? Ready for harvest?

Hey guys and gals I am going to post a few pics to see if you think the ladies are ready. Note when I took these I was prepping to cut so they are a bit dry and wilted, normally not that way, I decided to go ahead and water and check on here.
This is my first grow it has been fun, hoping I did okay.
Thank you for your time and info in advance!


Hello @jkster welcome to the neighborhood and I have to say what beautiful specimens you have there. The trichomes are a little far to be sure but I’m not seeing any amber even on the leaves so I’m thinkin you could let em go a little longer.

Thank you for the reply… Its such a pain to get a still shot when I am zoomed in…Im too shaky I guess :slight_smile: I am also using the jewelers loupe…and have only found a small patch of amber on one leaf, which is both why I was ready to cut and not cut at the same time. I definitely will be harvesting the one plant before the others, she just looks further along and she just doesn’t seem happy any more. Also I see that I didn’t add a full view pic… I will add that just for ref.
Just to follow on your response should I be looking for a few amber trichomes on the buds?

You have to make sure you are judging by the trichomes on bud parts and not leaves, leaves are liars. It’s a preference on when to cut them clear and cloudy trichomes will be a up high paranoia level imo… all cloudy very up high… then the more amber the more you will want to veg on the couch. There’s a level for everyone :sunglasses:
Buds will like fruit on a tree ripen at different times normally the ones closest to the light will ripen first. I like to let the top buds get around 30-50% amber and when I cut em I’ll keep those separate from all the rest and I’ll mark them nighttime and all the others will be for daytime so that I have a mix of day n night smoke

I don’t know if you have seen these, one explains better but the other has more realistic pics :thinking:

Thank you so much! I think I had seen the second one at some point when I was trying to research.

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Also here are the pics from further away and adding a couple that I hopefully got in a bit closer on.

Do you have a magnifier of some kind and do you see any amber besides a couple on leaves? I’m pretty sure they are cloudy and like I said before it’s a preference but without seeing amber I wouldn’t yet

Yep sorry I do have the magnifier 30x 60x and 100x… I am using that and I see they have gone to cloudy but nope can’t find amber yet even on the most mature (just that one sugar leaf). I am definitely taking your advice and holding till I get a bit of amber. Hopefully I can keep organized enough to do what you shared and separate them into categories.
Thank you again for the assistance and info!

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Perfect :ok_hand: you won’t be sorry they’ll get a little fatter as they ripen up. This is the hardest part of growing, the last week or two



Great looking plants you have there :sunglasses:. Like @MeEasy said let them go a little longer you won’t regret it. They look to be throwing a lot of white pistols which could also indicate they are still fattening up and not quite there.

Nice looking plants, what kind of lighting and nutes are ya using, if ya don’t mind me asking, again, very nice

Hard to see for sure but i didnt notice much amber but it did look mostly cloudy which is its highest thc content. Using a loop up close is your truest option. But ide let it go a bit longer

My rule of thumb is…when i think they’re ready i wait another 2 weeks and stress them out during that time. Water them with ice water. Maybe do some super cropping etc. They can take it! In this stage they do everything they can to get stronger and fatter when you stress them out. They go into survival mode.
So take some time to do that. Put them in total darkness for 48hrs. then cut and hang.

@GFDuke I don’t know if it’s true but I read awhile back that wind during flower and especially towards the end will cause them to load up on juicy trichomes. The theory is that because they are wind pollinated the wind makes em get more sticky in hopes some pollen will fly by. If it doesn’t work at least it will keep the moisture from settling down in the buds and causing problems


@jkster Looks as if @MeEasy and others are right there giving great advice!

I will add that I did not wait. I harvested about 2-3 weeks too soon and lost a lot of potential effects and weight. It is definitely hard to wait!

Those plants are beauties!

Stay patient, stay vigilant, and you will be rewarded greatly. Of course, then you need the utmost patience for curing!

Good airflow can never hurt. Good advice!! image


I completely agree. My first grow i got impatient and didnt realize the importance or bud maturity and the high wasnt potent what so ever and the bud will never get that pungent smell after cure because of tons of undeveloped terpenes


Those buds look great!!

@GFDuke I have that one to I probably stole it from you lol I have a little collection I like to put em here n there to lighten the mood, I’ve always been the class clown anyway