White widow and lemon cake journey

Here are the white widow after their move

@McLovin777. This is my new grow bro
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Those plants are kicking arse brother, happy happy tent @daz49

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Thanks brother,yeah I think they are looking great,the leaves are amazing and I love the big fat white widow leaves to bro


Looking good, Darren!

Have you seen my headache? I’m doing hydro and it’s. …different. You might want to think about it sometime.

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Tag me in it brother, I have thought of hydro,my bro does it and he only needs to water every 7-10 days but it looks like a lot difference and I don’t know how I’d fit it in

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Here it is:

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Lookin good! named them yet?

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There looking great brother, keep up the great work, and every grow is getting better, how many have you put down this grow ???

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Thanks brothers, @McLovin777. no names for them yet and @Coltfire planted 6 , put down ? Don’t know what you mean but thanks they are looking good , I love the fat indica dominant white widow leaves and the deep green,skinny sativa dominant lemon cake leaves,all looking great


Put down in the ground or pots in your case, 6 thats going to be lots of trimming , did you say that you had a similar trim machine to mine, how do you find yours??

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Yeah mine looks just like yours just a different colour,I have only tried it once and only on a small branch and it was quite distructive and I was worried about using on my bigger cola’s and I didn’t have much at the time but I am looking forward to trying it with these bro

Does yours have speed controls, with mine the smaller ones , I do on 1or 2 ,the larger ones,I start on 1 in one section of the grill ,which is the slowest speed, which rips all the fan leaves off ,the move to the next part of grill turn up to 2 and that rips the larger sugar and smaller fans of , then move to the top of grill and turn up full and roll the buds opening up to clean the insides, hang up let dry and the remainder leaves just brush off with hands,in gloves.must take off any smaller branches sticking out .

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Here are the new pictures,I’m a bit worried one of them may be looking male,let me know what you think

I hope it’s not as it’s my biggest one,compare it to the rest let me know what you think,since I have never grown this strain before or any kind of cheese which I’ve read don’t produce pistols like normal plants

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Here are pictures of the tips ,tell me what you think of these

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auger @peachfuzz
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Here are some group shots to show how bushy they are looking

@Willd. @Coltfire
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Here are the white widow pictures

@Coltfire. @elheffe702
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I didn’t see any balls, Darren. Just keep a weather eye on it is all I can say.


Thanks bro, yeah I just think they mostly look the same but my sister see’s a difference,but I am watching closely,thanks bro


Are these fem seeds or bag seeds or a cross of girls from your last grow?
First pic looks like a ph issue might be coming…
Tips look a little like too many nutrients but at the same time the leafs look under fed , which leads me to think a ph issue maybe… :thinking:
They still look good tho… :wink:



Thanks bro,these are just seeds from my brother so they have a 50/50 chance at being a male but I’m thinking they do actually all look the same and like females and I’ve never grown this strain before