White widow and lemon cake journey


I have 4 lemon cake plants and 2 white widow plants,all started from seed,I waited till they were a little bigger before I started my thread,so here are the lemon cake

Yes there are 2 in the last pot and they are all waiting on repotting,the ww are easily a month behind maybe a little more

And here as a group

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the orange light is not good for pics,
take pics under normal ‘white’ light.!!

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Looking good, Darren! How’s the SSH? Like it? I’m hoping my Purple Haze is a decent alternative.

What’s the weather like in the U.K. right now?


Thanks brother, the weather is mostly wet with some snow in between, the ssh is getting a lot smoother as the curing goes on, helping a lot with sleeping, not like a sit you on your ass buzz so you can still get stuff done, helping with the pain, nice smell and flavour


That’s good to hear, about your SSH. Not so much on the wet weather. I’m along for the ride, brother! I love me some Lemon strains.

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Thanks brother, the lemon cake is supposed to be a potent lemon skunk cross cheese, sativa dominant and the seeds came from my brother and he said it was a great smoke


That sounds really good. I’m excited to see it grow. I grew a lot of Lemon Skunk.

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It’s supposed to be more of an outdoor plant from what I’ve read but my durban poison was supposed to be an outdoor and grew huge in my tent, and the 2 white widow are from ilgm Robert Bergman seeds, I’m worried because it’s 6 plants and I’m pretty sure they’ll outgrow the space,what was the lemon skunk like

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Squat and very hybrid-y in veg, and stretched quite a bit for a few weeks. It made for a good scrog.

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I had old school skunk years and years ago and that was a nice strong smoke so I think it’s going to be nice and I like cheese


Yeah, can’t go wrong with cheese. It should make for a nice cross.

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A new start and looking good are already. Look forward to the grow , haven’t heard of lemon cake will have to look it up

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Thanks brother, I know ,it was a new strain on me but my brother knew all about it, and I’ve checked them out and they’d be great for a grow for you, a hardy outdoor grower it says

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Indeed bro, a nice mix, I’m looking forward to the grow and then the bud


@daz49 ,hey bro a friend just came back from over there and brought these chips back , do you know the brand and can you get them and send me some , I’ll send the money for them and postage if you can.


I don’t see a picture can you try it again bro


Hows that

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In your first one it had all the codes it just lost it somewhere but the 2nd one nothing at all brother


I re did the 1st one should be there, smoking one called female, very smooth and nice stone look it up.

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Oh yeah, I hadn’t noticed, yeah I see it now, it’s not one I’ve seen off the top of my head but I’ll check it out and let you know bro