White Widow and Bubblegum

Today was the start of week 7.

Here are the 2 bubblegum plants.

The WW


Day 48 of Flower :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:

The bud sites are filling in nicely and the aroma is intense. Very fruity smells coming from the WW. BB2 plant looks amazing with hints of purple throughout. I’ve switched to water only/no runoff for final 2 weeks.

Bubblegum 2

White Widow 1

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Day 54 of Flower.

@Hellraiser Based upon strain and days into flower, i was thinking another 7-10 days until i can cut and begin the drying process?


White Widow

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Seems about right, you should be in the harvest window at that point.

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Cut down what i think is the worst of the 4 plants.
Wet weight - 270g or 9.5oz

Will chop the remaining 3 plants Sunday morn.

Been awhile!! All plants have been harvested and are currently hang drying inside tent. Running 55deg and 50RH. Total harvest wet/untrimmed = 40oz or 1,141g.

Blue Dream/Gorilla Glue seeds should be arriving any day! :grinning:

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Old journal I know, but still taking a look! I have a new journal if you interested. More people the better for my educationPR first real grow and 2x4 grand opening permission to come aboard if you like :laughing:

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Just harvested a bubblegum this morning.